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Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

Visit Bali – 19 Nations Now Allowed to Visit Bali

Visit Bali

19 Nations Now Allowed to Visit Bali Effective 14 October 2021, Indonesia that the Indonesian gateways of Bali and the Riau Islands are open to international visitors from a total of 19 countries. The 19 nationals of the following 19 countries are now welcome to visit Indonesia providing they hold a valid visa, have undergone RT-PCR testing…

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia- COVID-19 News 23.6.2020

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia – News 23.6.2020 Phased Bali Reopening Starting in July 2020 The pressure appears to be mounting on the Government as more people are beginning to ignore policies in place for social distancing. As many countries in the world begin to reopen their borders for tourism, Bali has yet to announce a…

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia

Corona Virus Bali Indonesia The “Bali Post” informed today in it’s daily newspaper, that the Bali provincial government is planning to open Bali for tourism activities after 5th July 2020 again! Situation Update 29.5.2020 The new Corona Virus (Sars-CoV-2) in Bali The world has been hit by the new Corona Virus and it has…

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