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Bad Behaving Bali Tourists to be reported

Bad Behaving Bali Tourists

Bad Behaving Bali Tourists – Officials Are Urging Everyone To “Rat Out” Tourists!! The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, has called on local people to urgently report any and all incidences of foreigners behaving badly on the island. The call for action from the provincial leader comes as part of a bigger effort to crack…

Foreign Tourists in Bali

Foreign Tourists in Bali

Foreign Tourists in Bali – Tax & Discipline Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Bismar Pandjaitan, is fed-up with foreign visitors acting up and misbehaving in Bali and recommends new policies and regulations to rein in unruly foreigners upsetting public peace and order in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. As reported…

World Beach Games Bali 2023

World Beach Games Bali

World Beach Games Bali 2023 05-12 Aug 2023 The State News Agency AntaraĀ reports that theĀ International Surfing Association (ISA)Ā Ā is praising Indonesiaā€™s preparations as the host country of theĀ Association Olympic Committees (ANOC) World Beach Games (AWBG) 2023, scheduled to be held 05-12 August. ā€œThe ISA is pleased following their recent visit to Bali. With the support of…

Indonesia Travel Restrictions SuspendedĀ 2023

Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended

Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended Indonesian President Joko Widodo formally withdrew the policy limiting public movement (Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat ā€“ PPKM),Ā effective 30 December 2022. According to theĀ Singapore Straits Times,Ā the decision by the Indonesian government to end policies controlling and limiting domestic activities and travel was taken after Indonesia had not experienced a significant increase in daily…

New Bali Visa – 10-Year Second Home Visa

bali new visa

New Bali Visa – 10-Year Second Home Visa For Entrepreneurs, Retirees, And High Earners Indonesia has announced the launch of a new 10-year second home visa. The new visa category will allow foreigners with over $130,000 in the bank to apply for a 10-year temporary residency permit for Bali and other popular destinations. There are…

Immigration Indonesia – President Wants to Shake Up Immigration

Immigration Indonesia

Immigration Indonesia – President Wants to Shake Up Immigration Indonesian President Joko Widodo has asked that theĀ Immigration DepartmentĀ simplify and ease the process for obtainingĀ visas-on-arrival (VoA)Ā andĀ Limited Stay Permits (Kitas), particularly for foreign investors. AsĀ Beritasatu.comĀ andĀ Beritabali.comĀ report, the Presidentā€™s instructions come after receiving many complaints regarding immigration service. The President spoke while leading a meeting convened with top officials…

Bali World Tourism Day – on 27 September 2022

Bali World Tourism Day

Bali World Tourism Day – hosted on 27 September Indonesia has won the privilege to be the global host of theĀ 42nd World Tourism Day,Ā which falls on 27 September 2022. Quoted byĀ, theĀ Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy,Ā Sandiaga Uno, said: ā€œFor the 42nd edition of World Tourism Day, Indonesia has received the honor of…

Indonesia Travel Rules – New Domestic & International Travel Restrictions

Indonesia Travel Rules

Indonesia Travel Rules New Domestic & International COVID-19 Travel Restrictions The Ministry of TransportationĀ has published circular memoranda providing guidelines to take effect on 17 July 2022 on the use of public transportation. The circular memoranda ā€“ numbered 21 and 22 ā€“ covers travel guidelines for both domestic and international travelers during the continuing pandemic. Adita…

Bali Tourist Entry Visa

Bali Tourist Entry Visa

Bali Tourist Entry Visa Clarified The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign AffairsĀ has issued a circular memorandum (SE/005/PK.04/2022/64) on 28 April 2022, addressed to all foreign legations of the Republic worldwide, detailing visa entry requirements. The salient points of the memo follow.     Citizens of the following nine ASEAN member countries are traveling for ā€œleisure purposesā€Ā are…

Bali Visa on Arrival – Increase VOA Branded as ā€˜HOAXā€™

Bali Visa on Arrival

Bali Visa on Arrival – Plans to Increase VOA Branded as ā€˜HOAXā€™ Baliā€™s Governor Wayan Koster has denied and labeledĀ ā€œhoaxā€Ā reports in the local press claiming theĀ visa-on-arrival (VOA)Ā fees would soon increase from Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 1.5 million. Reports in the local press of an imminent increase in theĀ VOA feesĀ triggered widespread opposition in Bali tourism circles…

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