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Visit Bali – 19 Nations Now Allowed to Visit Bali

Visit Bali

19 Nations Now Allowed to Visit Bali Effective 14 October 2021, Indonesia that the Indonesian gateways of Bali and the Riau Islands are open to international visitors from a total of 19 countries. The 19 nationals of the following 19 countries are now welcome to visit Indonesia providing they hold a valid visa, have undergone RT-PCR testing…

Bali Property Market – the fading shine!

Bali Property Market – the rapidly fading shine! In an article on and via his real estate blog, Dominique Gallmann, co-founder and CEO of Exotique Properties, has shared insightful comments on the state of Bali’s real estate market. Now that COVID-19 and its devastating effect on Bali’s and the global economy have become a fixture of daily life for the…

Bali Real Estate – Bali’s Zoning Laws

Bali Real Estate – Bali’s Zoning Laws Bali’s zoning laws are in the process of being revised. One of the sections set for rewriting in Perda No. 16 – RTRWP Bali is section 122 on zones designated as special tourism zones (KSPD/KDTWK). Bali Real Estate – Coefficients Under the current law, buildings in tourism zones must leave a minimum…

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