Bali Villa – 4 bedroom beachfront Villa with guesthouse for sale

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Property ID : NE-V025

For Sale Freehold, For Sale Leasehold €410,000 - Beachfront Villa, Residentials
1755 m² 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Bali Villa for sale

This beautiful property is located in the Kubutambahan area of North Bali. A public natural track access road is leading down 300 meters from the North-East Main Coast Road to a small villa estate with only 3 beachfront villas.

The main house is a 2 storey building with 1 guest bedroom/1 bathroom and a additional maid room with bathroom on the ground floor together with a large living area and a modern western style kitchen. The 2nd floor houses 2 bedrooms. Another guest bedroom/bathroom and the spacious master bedroom with a large en-suite bathroom. The large balcony directly accessible from the master bedroom offers a fantastic undisturbed view over the garden towards the ocean. The entire building respective living size of this property is 386 m² on 1755 m² level beachfront land.

The guesthouse features 1 bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a private terrace. All bedrooms are equipped with air condition units, en-suite bathrooms and have private access with a balcony or terrace.

The large 5 x 15 meter pool has a large sun deck with 4 sun chairs, sitting table and sun shades. Between the pool sun deck and the main house is a large fish pond placed. The big front yard behind the private entry gate to the villa has a car garage – which is currently used as a storage – and a car port attached aside for 1 vehicle.

The Bali Villa comes fully furnished and can be inspected any time from 15th January 2020 onward. The property is available for sale leasehold or freehold on request. A leasehold agreement can be accepted between 15 and max. 25 years!

Freehold sales price is 480.000 US$ / 419.000 Euro / 6.500.000.000 IDR
Leasehold price (25 years) is 325.000 US$ / 293.000 Euro / 4.550.000.000 IDR
Leasehold price less than 25 years negotiable!


Bali Villa – Property Facts:
Land Size:
17,55 are (1755 m²) Beachfront: approx. 25 meter
Building Size: 386 m²
Building Year: 2007/2008
Located in small Villa Estate with altogether 3 Villas
Public Access Road – approx. 200 meter from North-East Main Coast Road.
Main House  – 2 storey with 3 bedrooms/bathrooms
Guesthouse – single level with 1 bedroom/bathroom
Electric: 17700 Watt
5 AC in bedrooms & Main House living & dining area
Housemaid room with bathroom
Fully furnished
El. Devices: Washing Maschine & Drying Machine, 2x TV, Stereo, Microwave, Refrigerator, DVD
Kitchen Devices: Microwave/Oven, Big Oven, American style 2 door fridge, Teppanyaki Griddle, 2 Induction fields, 1 Gas stove.

Bali Villa – Quick Facts

  • Phone land line number
  • New ceramic tile roof (1 year)
  • Large garden
  • 25 meter beachfront
  • Guesthouse with private entree & terrace
  • Main House with terrace and 3 balconies
  • Main House 1 guest bedroom first level & master bedroom and 2nd guestroom on 2nd level
  • All bedrooms have private access
  • Large Pool (5 x 15 meter) and large Pond
  • 1 Garage (now Storage) & 1 Car Port
  • Car – Toyota Venturer/black, Year 2017, extra price 320.000.000 IDR (22.850 US$)
  • Housemaid, Security & Gardener available

The property is also available for sale leasehold (Hak Pakai) on request – max. lease term 25 years for 325.000 US$.
Lower lease period needs to be negotiated!

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