Bali Villa with view – for sale close to Lovina

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  • lovina-hillside-villa-for-sale-indoor-decoration-2
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  • lovina-hillside-villa-for-sale-indoor-living-area-2
  • lovina-hillside-villa-for-sale-indoor-room-entree-1
  • lovina-hillside-villa-for-sale-in-pool-lounge-1
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Property ID : NB-V082

For Sale Freehold €259,000 - Hillside Ocean View Villa, Residentials
4000 m² 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Bali Villa with view for sale

A truly outstanding villa in every imaginable way in North Bali. The property is located close the village Selat and approx. just 2 km uphill form the famous North Bali tourist town Lovina and the beach/ocean.

bali villa with view for sale

This Bali Villa with view is built on a plot of 4000 m² .
The total floor area of ​​this property is no less than 350 m².
Two bedrooms /2  en-suite bathrooms. The master bedroom has a spa for massages and a bathtub. A spacious living both indoors and outdoors.
In the garden a nice sitting area with a fireplace and BBQ.
Adjacent to the living room a cozy bar.
Separate kitchen which is out of sight and is used by the staff to cook for the owner.
Villa comes for sale fully furnished and decorated.
In addition to this lot is to buy another 2000 m² where possibly can be built multiple units. An ideal location for resort or hotel.

Bali Villa with view – Ownership : freehold certificate /hak milik
Land size: 4000 m² (+ extra 2000 m² adjacent)
Bedroom & bathroom: 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms en SPA
Floor area total: 350 m²
Furnished : fully furnished
Swimming pool: free shape with seats

For sale freehold (hak milik title) – all legal docs issued!

This is a villa that you must have seen to fully admire it’s value!

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