Large & luxury Bali beachfront villa for sale

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Property ID : NW-V009

For Sale Freehold USD-900,000 - Beachfront Villa, Residentials, Villas close to beach
13000 sq 4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 1 Garage
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Bali beachfront villa for sale

This is a 5 star beachfront luxury house designed by the architect of Bulgari hotel and located in the North of Bali in Permuteran area. The house has been conceived to mix the comfort of modern western living with the beauty and authenticity of the Balinese aesthetics. Sitting on 1.3 hectare of green land (13,000 m², 140,000 square feet) with a living size of 750 m², this villa offers you a unique beachfront scenery with 200 meters (670 feet) of private black sand beach, crystal clear ocean water and plenty of space to breathe. The villa sits on a huge piece of land in front of the beach – completely private, you can enjoy your own tennis court, huge garden, swimming pool etc…

Bali beachfront villa for sale – The interior

The design of the house is based around the idea of space and luxury, to that extent the villa boasts 750 m² (8000 square feet) of interior space and a 15 meters high ceiling (49 feet) :

  • 4 suites (75 square meters each) with a special Master Suite and individual bathrooms.
  • 1 immense living and dining room to spend time with the family and entertainment.
  • 1 big TV corner suited with a 52″ TV (132cm) attached to the living room.
  • 1 TV lounge / reading area.
  • 1 Pool (American Billiard) area to enjoy a relaxing game around a Bintan (the local beer) at the end of the day.
  • 1 Open kitchen suited with all the necessary cooking equipment.

The house is split on 2 floors, the center is left open the ceiling, the roof is made of traditional Alang Alang thatched roof :

  • ground floor : The Master Bedroom and its Master Bathroom, the first bedroom and its bathroom, the living room, the dining area, the TV corner, the kitchen and the opening to the terrace
  • 1st floor : 2 bedrooms, the TV lounge / reading area, the Pool area

Bali beachfront villa for sale – The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom at the ground floor has a unique spacious design with 90 m² (1000 square feet) of space suited with

  • A King size bed 200 cm x 200 cm (78 in x 78 in) with soft linen and duvets attached with night tables and reading lights
  • A lounge chair and a reading light for your night time relaxation
  • 2 closets where you can fit all your dresses, shoes and various clothes
  • Glass doors and curtains with a view on the terrace and the garden so you can wake up with the sun. Each of the doors open individually so you can feel like you are living in front of the swimming pool.
  • Air conditioning is available if the nice Bali breeze is not enough for you
  • An unbelievable view on the beach and the infinity pool

With the comfort provided by this room you will be able to fall asleep along with the sound of the waves coming from the beach. The Master Bedroom also has a fantastic private luxury bathroom made for Kings and Queens :

  • 1 bathtub in the middle of the bathroom for your end of day relaxation after swimming for hours in the huge swimming pool
  • A inside shower room
  • An outside shower where you can enjoy and relax surrounded by our inside garden for a feeling of Eden
  • Personal western toilet with wash-let
  • All the fixtures needed to look good for going out (mirrors, hair dryer etc.)

Bali beachfront villa for sale – The Suites

The bedrooms offer 75 square meters of space to enjoy the fresh air of Bali. Each room is suited with

  • A King size bed 200 cm x 200 cm (78 in x 78 in) with soft linen and duvets attached with night tables and reading lights
  • A lounge chair and a reading light for your night time relaxation
  • Closets where you can fit all your dresses, shoes and various clothes
  • Personal western toilet with wash-let
  • An unbelievable view on the beach and the infinity pool

Similar to the Master Bedroom, the downstairs bedroom is surrounded by glass doors and curtains with a view on the terrace and the garden. Each of the doors open individually so you can feel like you are living in front of the swimming pool. The upstairs bedrooms have their own individual terrace with 2 lounge couches and a coffee table. They offer a magnificent view on the beach, the garden and the infinity pool.

Bali beachfront villa for sale – The Kitchen

The kitchen was designed to offer space and enjoyment while cooking. While you can choose to let our staff do the cooking for you, you will enjoy its top of the line equipment

  • Samsung American style fridge providing the fresh mineral water and ice cubes
  • Sharp microwave
  • Stove
  • Toaster
  • Coffee machine
  • Kettle

With a big cooking island, you will have all the space you need to enjoy our cooking lessons or prepare your own favorite dishes.

The living / dining area

Conceived to give you the feeling of relaxation through space, the living dining room is a massive 200 square meters (2150 square feet) and 15 meters high (49 feet). Falling from the roof you will find beautiful traditional lamps along with 4 ventilators. The Dining Area with suited with plenty of shelves to store your items and a 10 meters long table that can host 14 people, ideal for meals and family fun. You also have a high quality LG sound system with an iPod/iPhone port with sound that will fill the whole room. The Living Area is suited with plenty of shelves to store your items, as well as a huge TV corner

  • A very comfortable couch hosting 12 people
  • A 52 inches (132 cm) TV Sharp Aquos top of the line
  • A Sharp DVD player
  • A Sharp audio 5.1 systems with 5 speakers surrounding the couch
  • An Apple TV so you can play your movies and audio easily from your iPhone or Mac
  • A Nintendo Wii with its controllers, with Japanese and English language games for family fun

The Billiard Table

On the first floor’s Western corner you will find a big professional Pool table (American Billiard) with a blue carpet, 4 queues and all the necessary balls. A great way to relax after a long trek or swimming all day in the sea.

The TV / Reading area

On the first floor’s Eastern corner you will find a second lounge area accessible directly from the upstairs bedroom to relax in front of TV or reading a book

    • A 42 inches TV (106cm)
    • A XBOX360 Game Console with 1 controller
    • A large couch and some puff chairs

The Swimming Pool

The infinity pool is 25 m x 5 m (82 x 16 feet) (half Olympic length) with a 5 x 5 m (16 x 16 feet) shallow entry for kids and adults. It features a gradually deeper depth for different level of comfort in the water from 1.5 m (4.9 feet) (left) to 2.2 m (7.2 feet) (right) and each corner has small space you can sit and rest. You can spend hours in the water without getting hurtful eyes.

The Tennis Court

…is the newest addition to our villa and allows for high performance playing thanks to modern concrete coated with high performance paint as well as comfortable playing with its large surroundings. In addition to that, the court is suited with lamps that will allow you to play at night if you wish.

The Yoga Pavilion

…is the perfect place for relaxation : soak in the surrounding nature and the sound of the waves while you are stretching doing your yoga, or reading, sleeping, anything that comes to mind.

The Terrace

We have 6 large terrace chairs with small tables covered by parasols, overlooking the infinity pool, ideal for reading and relaxing in the breeze while listening to the sound of the waves. A little bit further back, just under the roof in the shadow, we have a table set with 4 large seats, perfect for enjoying a game of cards or a drink. On the other side, we have a a relaxation area with 2 armchairs with table for a quick sleep by the pool. The terrace is accessed either from the living room or directly from the 2 of the bedrooms on the ground floor. Some beach equipment’s are also available.

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