North Bali – and it’s attractive beauty

north bali

It is almost impossible to get bored and feel monotonous while living in Bali. For the true explorers who are on the continuous quest for new discoveries, this island is a ideal place to satiate that hunger.

Waterfalls, beaches, volcano craters and lakes, paddy fields, vineyards – the North of Bali gives you no chance to complain.

For those who can’t resist going to the ocean, LOVINA Beach is not the only destination in the North with a wonderful beach.

Characterized by calm waves and sidelined by coconut trees Lovina Beach is visited by all those who crave for relaxation.

Lovina is sun-drenched, with patches of shades of Palm trees. The Lovina tourist area stretches over 8km and consists of a string of coastal villages – Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan and Tukad Mungga – collectively known as Lovina.

A short drive from the black sandy beach of Lovina, those who are keen on architecture can visit the “Royal Palace of Singaraja” with depicting royal grandeur and majestic European buildings.

If you need to pacify your soul, “Pura Ponjok Batu” can be an alternative. Meaning Stone Cape this ancient spiritual place owns its uniqueness to a rock promontory which from the crevices of rocks grows Frangipani trees and shrubs that grow artistically. This Hindu temple is used for praying at the Brahma Vihara Arama is a must.

Located at “Tegehe Village” this biggest Buddhist temple in Bali rises majestically overlooking Lovina Beach with a lush green hill in the background. Painted with colorful decorations while admiring the beautiful buildings and surroundings.

Soaking in the healing sulfur waters of a natural hot spring is the most effective way to relax in North Bali and a visit to the islands most popular hot spring can be a solution. Located in the Banjar Village, with lush, jungle clad slopes surrounding the sacred area the “Banjar Hot Spring” consists of hot ponds filled with warm sulphuric water which is believed to cure skin diseases.

The sulphuric water spills from the mouth of several stone carved mythical dragon into 3 pools at a tempting temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The presence of brimstones in the water lends the healing property various skin diseases which explains why the place is known as the “Magical Waters of Bali”.

One of the most famous waterfalls on Bali island is the North Bali “Git-Git Waterfall”. Located at a plateau area at a height of about 35 meters, the waterfall is surrounded by a tropical trees and some plantation protecting rain forest around it.

Forest Lovers will be treated with special care at the village Lemukih, which lies on the Northern slope of the island at an altitude of 638 meters above sea level. It is dotted by gorgeous rice paddies, coffee and fruit plantations making it ideal for those who want to stroll around and explore deeper into the traditional Balinese lifestyle.
Encircled by green forests and mountains Lemukih Village provides a rather picturesque view. The dense rain forest around are a perfect spot for trekking. It is characterized by 3 beautiful, gushing waterfalls which start at different heights. The water is cool and clean and pours out from the lush greenery above. The pounding sound of the water falling and splashing creates a much desired tranquility all around.

The wine lovers can enjoy North Bali by visiting its numerous vineyards. Situated between the towns of Pemuteran and Seririt, the “Hatten Wines” vineyard offers a wine tasting and exploring experience.  The vinery is a modern state of the art facility, bottling over 50000 bottles of wine each day.

Like most places, Bali also has its own cultural drink called “Tuak”, universally known as Palm Wine. It is milky fermented alcohol made from the sap of palm trees. It has a sour taste and a strong burn in the throat when swallowed.

It is available for purchase in most restaurants and shops and should be tried by every wine lover to know the rustic flavor of Bali.

Apart from the terrific sceneries to gape at North Bali, the “North Coast” provides loads of activities to indulge in. The “Kalimudah Canyon” is the next best thing for sporting Canyoning destination. In this activity you will come across two different sections.

The first section is a sequence of water slides, jumps and short rappels with glorious gorges made of volcanic rock sulphurate water basin that come out from the underground. The second part is a bit sportier, including swimming, floating, enchanting rappel along the waterfall and jumps up to 10 meters high.

Another rewarding activity is undoubtedly “Dolphin Watching” at Lovina. There is a certain ecstasy to waking up at sunrise, walking to the beach, finding a local boatman with a traditional “Jukung” boat and embarking to an adventure.

In no time the dolphins appear in pods of ten to literally hundreds. Some mornings they even put on a fill dolphin show with back-flips, massive jumps and sometimes even tale-walking.

For trekking lovers North Bali provides more than enough beautiful and sometimes challenging jungle treks. You can trek all the way to temples, fruit plantations, remote beaches and villages.

If you want to burn more the usual amount of energy, follow a trek with stone steps that winds down for about 90 meters to the “Waterfalls of Leimukh” through jungles and rivers.

If that’s still not enough and you feel like experiencing more of the wild rainforest, the beautifully crafted nests of Bali’s central highlands will make the trek to Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan memorable.

Covered by fog most of the times, the two crater lakes are located in the caldera of the extinct Bedugul Volcano. You also allowed setting a camp near the lakes.

The magnificence of North Bali is just endless – but underestimated – and gets even better with more and more exploration. A perfect region to distress one’s mind and body, North Bali truly captivates heart and soul.

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