Bali Tourist Attractions

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Bali tourist attraction in the Regency of Buleleng, North Bali have increased admission fees in order to meeting higher operating costs and undertake a program of physical improvements.

NusaBali reports the higher rates took effect from October 1, 2017. The increase in admission for North Bali tourist attractions fees ranged between 75-100%. The 8 tourism objects in Buleleng that have been affected by the admission ticket increase are: Air Panas Banjar (Hot Springs), Air Sanih (Public Pool), Air Terjun Bertingkat Gitgit (waterfall), Air Terjun Campuhan Gitgit (Waterfall), Air Terjun Gitgit (Waterfall), Air Terjun Les (Waterfall), Air Terjun Sekumpul (waterfall) and Air Terjun Melanting (waterfall).

bali tourist attractions

Tour attractions that formerly cost Rp. 3,000 – Rp. 10,000 are increased to Rp. 5,000 – Rp. 20,000. The increase in admission applies to both domestic and international visitors.