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Citizens and Environmental Courts Challenge Construction of Coal Burning Power Plant in North Bali

Representatives of people living near Celukan Bawang in North Bali, accompanied by Greenpeace Indonesia, and a team of lawyers from the Indonesian Legal Aide Foundation (YLBHI-LBH) have formally filed a petition on Wednesday, January 24, 2108, with the Denpasar Administrative Court (PTUN) challenging a decree issued by Bali’s Governor (SK No. 660.3/3985/IV- A/DISPMPT) that granted permission for the construction of the coal-burning steam generated Electrical Generation Plant (PLTU) Batubara Celukan Bawang.

North Bali News – Quoted by, one of the plaintiffs in the case, I Ketut Mangku Wijana, said: “We are advancing the legal challenge on the basis of several basic rationales. One deals with the fact that the Governor of Bali’s decree was published without any involvement or hearing before the people who would be most affected by the project.
North Bali News – The YLBHI-LBH also contends that the environmental impact statement(AMDAL) used in granting approval for the plant was both invalid and unrepresentative. Dewa Putu Adnyana of YLBHI-LBH said, “In publishing the environmental impact statement (AMDAL) that forms the basis of the Governor’s decree is legally flawed because it is not in accordance with Rule Number 27 on granting environmental permits.” Adnyana explained that the legal requirements to involve the public in the AMDAL review process were ignored in the Governor’s decree. As a result, the AMDALused in approving the project was incomplete and failed to adopt a holistic evaluation in examining the impact of the project.

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North Bali News – From Greenpeace, Didit Haryo, said: “The Governor’s decree is not based on shore side zoning principle for small islands.” Adding, the mission ofGreenpeace is to affirm the planets role as a place that is safe and a viable place for all living beings. Didit said the Celukan Bawang coal burning power plant represents a major threat to the continuing survival of the human race. The Greenpeaceofficial says current predictions are that existing PLTU plants in operation will cause the deaths of around 6,5000 people in Indonesia. Because of this, Greenpeace is opposed to the establishment of any new PLTU power generation plants in Indonesia using coal.

North Bali News – The plaintiffs also argue that the development of PLTU Batubara Celukan Bawang with a capacity of 2 x 220 Megawatts is not in accordance theNational Plan for Power Supply (RUPTL) or even the regional power plan. The RUPTL declared Bali would meet its new power needs via new energy sources, avoiding traditional and “dirty” coal-burning power production. The legal plaintiffs are also arguing that the PLTU Batubara Celukan Bawang plant is unneeded with adequate alternate power sources for Bali still available in sufficient quantities.