Despite lacking a location permit for the North Bali Airport there will be still conduct a “Nuasem Karya Cermony” on August 28, 2017.

Plans are now in place to conduct a “Nuasen Karya” ceremony in the Buleleng regency designated for the construction of the Bandara Internasional Bali Utara (BIBU) or the Buleleng Airport.
A “Nuasen Karya” ceremony is traditionally conducted to seek God’s blessing on a new project or enterprise.
Beritabali reports that the President Director of BIBU said the ceremony will take at Dusan Yeh Buah in the village of Kubutambahan.
August 28 was selected after seeking as auspicious date on the Balinese religious calendar.


The ceremony is being held despite the fact that the mandatory “location recommendation” issued by the Central Government in Jakarta is still not approved and issued.
The undertaking of the ceremony is declared as necessary to persuade investors in the airport project.

The BIBU says that they are optimistic that the location recommendation will soon be issued by Jakarta!After the ceremony BIBU will convene a meeting with 500 investors at Nusa Dua to present plans for the airport which should be built by Airport Kinesis Canada.
Shortly thereafter plans are to lay a cornerstone for the airport!