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Bali Indonesia Coronavirus – concerns about travelling!

Bali Indonesia Coronavirus Indonesia & Bali Has No Reported Coronavirus Cases. Health experts have questioned why Indonesia has not yet reported a single case of novel coronavirus, even though officials were slow to halt nonstop flights from China. Indonesia receives about…

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Bali Environment – Minus the Chemicals

Bali Environment – Minus the Chemicals Governor and Bank Negara Indonesia Join Forces to Help Restore Bali’s Natural Environment In a meeting held at the Official Residence of Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster (Rumah Jabatan Jaya Sabha) with the Bali management…

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Indonesian Civil Aviation

Indonesian Civil Aviation  – Indonesia Aviation Reacts to Coronavirus Threat Indonesian Civil Aviation Authorities Seek to Limit Negative Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak Indonesia, like nations around the world, is quickly putting into place countermeasures to curb the spread of the coronavirus from…

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Bali Airport installs state of the art inspection device

Bali Airport installs state of the art inspection device Immigration lines at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport have become notoriously long at times, especially as Bali’s foreign arrivals have been increasing over the past year. Things are about to get even…

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Bali Transport – no free choice of transportation for Bali visitors!

Bali Transport – Limiting Bali visitors access to a free transportation marketplace! Online services versus conventional taxi companies who aggressively protect their turf!! Bali’s Governor Wants to Divide Bali into Taxi Zones to Separate Online Operators From Conventional Community-Based Taxi…

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