Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended

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Indonesia Travel Restrictions SuspendedIndonesian President Joko Widodo formally withdrew the policy limiting public movement (Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat – PPKM), effective 30 December 2022.

According to the Singapore Straits Times, the decision by the Indonesian government to end policies controlling and limiting domestic activities and travel was taken after Indonesia had not experienced a significant increase in daily new cases for ten consecutive months. At its height, the PPKM Policy bought inter-provincial transportation by bus and air to a virtual standstill and, over time, required travelers to be fully vaccinated, undergo COVID testing, and submit to extended periods of quarantine and re-testing.

In abolishing PPKM measures, President Widodo said: “But, we need to remain vigilant . . .the public must independently take steps to prevent infection, detect symptoms, and seek treatment.”

News published by NIKKEI ASIA, under the title “Indonesia lifts all remaining COVID restrictions for the new year,” casts a spotlight on Indonesia, which once recorded the highest level of COVID-19 infections in Asia, but recorded less than 1,000 new daily cases over the past week, also reflected in relatively low rates of hospitalization and fatalities. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

NIKKEI reported Health Ministry data that lists Indonesia as the fourth most populous country in the world and has recorded more than 6.7 million overall cases, including 160,583 deaths. Almost 75% of the Indonesian population older than six years, or 174.7 million people, have received two COVID vaccinations, and a further 68.5 million have received a COVID-booster shot.

Praise was also heaped on Indonesia by Free Malaysia Today reported a statement by President Joko Widodo that his country had conquered all impediments to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring that most Indonesians now carry the antibody against the virus.

In a press conference announcing the end of PPKM, President Joko Widowo said: “There are no longer any limits on meetings and movements.” (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Also celebrating the end of PPKM in Indonesia, The Hindustan Times has published an article No masks, no tracking app: Indonesia lifts remaining Covid restrictions.

President Widodo said: “On Friday, (30 December 2022) Indonesia eliminated all remaining steps to control the spread of COVID-19. Effective immediately, this was done because the majority of the country’s populace now carried the antibody against this disease.” Adding: “There will no longer be any limitations on meetings and movements.”

With the President’s ruling, it is presumed that the need to present proof of vaccination to travel by air domestically has also been abolished. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Retirees Not Applying for 2nd Home Visas

bali 2nd home visaThe 2nd Home Visa, launched with much fanfare in late October 2022 and scheduled to become available on 25 December, has failed to attract any takers in Bali.

The State News Agency Antara reports that Anggiat Napitupulu, Head of Immigration in Bali for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, confirmed that there had been no applicants for the new class of 2nd Home Visas filed with his office. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The new class of 2nd Home Visas is intended to provide wealthy foreigners the opportunity to obtain stay permits valid for 5 or 10 years without any obligation of employment or a requirement to own a business in Indonesia. The key requirement for a 2nd Home Visa is that the applicant must be able to demonstrate to immigration authorities that they have Rp. 2 billion on deposit with a Government Bank or can present a deed of ownership for a luxury property in Indonesia.

The government’s anticipation that foreigners living in Indonesia on retirement visas would quickly migrate from retirement visas to 2nd Home Visa has failed to materialize.

There are an estimated 6,000 foreigners living in Bali using retirement visas.

Speaking at a press conference held in Denpasar on Monday, 26 December 2022, Napitupulu said: “For Bali, I have not yet received confirmation that any foreigner has departed to Indonesia holding a ‘second home visa.’ 6,000 people in Bali hold retirement visas.” (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

Putting to rest widespread concerns that those on retirement visas would be required to convert their immigration status to a 2nd Home Visa, the Immigration Chief for Bali added that individuals holding retirement visas can renew and extend their current visa.

Those applying for a 2nd Home Visa must present proof of an Rp. 2 billion deposit with an Indonesian government bank or a property certificate for a “luxury” property in Indonesia. Within 90 days of the second home visa applicant’s arrival in Indonesia, they must present the supporting financial documentation to immigration from a bank or a certified copy of the land ownership certificate. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)


Police Mull 3-Tiered Motorcycle Licensing

motorbike driver licenseThe Indonesian police are revisiting long-standing plans to issue new “C-Class” driver’s licenses (SIM) across three sub-types. The appropriate SIM-C driver’s license class will be linked to the vehicle’s engine size.

A spokesman for the National Traffic Police, AKNP Arief Budiman, said the differentiations for a SIM C Driver’s License are based on the need for specific skill sets depending on the size of the motorcycle. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The three classes of SIM C are outlined in Police Regulation Number 5 of 2021, signed by the Head of the National Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, on 19 February 2021. That regulation has yet to be implemented by the Indonesian police, who claim more time is needed to socialize and enforce the new licensing system for motorcycles.

While police are mulling when to launch the three-tiered motorcycle licensing system, a national survey is now underway to determine the actual number of motorcycles with engine capacities greater than 250 cc operating in Indonesia. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

As reported by, police are also preparing requirements to be put in place to obtain a CI or CII Motorcyclist License. While drivers must be at least 17 years of age to get a SIM C Standard Motorcycle License, this age limit increases to 18 years for a SIM CI and 19 years for a SIM CII.

Also, to qualify for a SIM CI, an applicant must have held a SIM C license for 12 months. Similarly, to apply for a SIM CII, applicants must have held a SIM CI for 12 months. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

These requirements raise the legal question if anyone is eligible for a SIM CII for at least one year from the introduction of the new three-tiered system. In other words, anyone desiring a SIM CII for a “monster bike” of 500 cc or more would need to park that bike for one year while they first obtain and hold the newly minted SIM CI for one year to meet the requirements to apply for a SIM CII.

Applicants for SIM CI and SIM CII are also obliged to pass a road safety theory quiz, undergo a motorcycle simulator test, and take a road test supervised by the police. A minimum passing score of 70 is required for the theory portion of the test. Those failing to obtain a passing score are allowed two separate retests within 14 days. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)


Indonesia Sets Tourism Targets for 2023

Indonesia Tourism Targets 2023Speaking during a visit to Jembrana Regency in Bali on Thursday, 29 December 2022, Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandia Salahuddin Uno, urged West Bali to strengthen its readiness for the onslaught of tourists that will result in the opening of a toll road connecting Denpasar and Gilimanuk. The Minister said future developments will help achieve a more equitable distribution of tourism across all Bali areas that are now overly focused on the south and east of Bali. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The Minister underlined how the new toll road scheduled for completion in 2025 would impact Bali’s development. Adding: “We need to get ready because Jembrana will be along the toll road connecting Denpasar and Gilimanuk. We must prepare a tourism ecosystem as many things will soon be relocating to West Bali.”

Commenting separately and quoted by, Minister Sandiaga reminded his listeners that Bali remains foremost in the world’s mind as a tourism destination. He urged that Bali’s sustaining popularity be used to the optimum. Adding: “This is the basis of our continuing optimism; the tourism ecosystem and creative economy must be prepared, starting now. This is our homework so that tourism recovery takes place more equitably, emphasizing quality and sustainability.” (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)


Indonesia Tourism Targets for 2023

Minister Sandiaga said that the target for domestic and international tourists in 2023 is projected to double the current performance. For international tourists in 2023, Indonesia aims to welcome 7.4 million visitors, while domestic travelers are expected to hit between 1.2 and 1.4 billion movements.

Sandiaga said: “All tourism and the creative economy operators must address these (targets). Don’t let us get left behind! We must prepare to create new business opportunities that create the widest employment opportunities.” (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)


High Winds & Rain Claim Trees in Denpasar

bali reports that heavy rains and strong winds experienced in Bali’s southernmost region on Friday night, 23 December 2022, uprooted trees in several locations in Bali’s capital.

The Head of Denpasar’s Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD-Denpasar), I.B. Joni Ariwibawa, said on Saturday morning, 24 December, that a downed tree on Jalan Sudirman in Denpasar, claimed the life of a driver Suwarto (39) and caused minor injuries to his passenger, Vebry Aberson Simarmata (23).

The BPBD responded to reports of fallen trees in locations that include Jalan Ahmad Yani Utara in front of Peguyabngan Temple in North Denpasar, Jalan P.B. Sudirman in front of the Santo Yoseph Junior High School (SMP), and Jalan Raya Sesetan, South Denpasar. (Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended)

The winds also upended trees on Jalan Setra Dalem Sesetan in front of the Sesetan Cemetery, South Denpasar; Jalan Pulau Lingga, Denpasar in front of Banjar Ambengan Pedungan; and on Jalan Malboro in West Denpasar. “These incidents were handled by the BPBD Fire Brigade in Denpasar and the environmental agency,” added Joni.

On Thursday night, 22 December 2022, the day before the storm, several trees also fell victim to the extreme weather, including a Weeping Fig Tree in Puputan Field in Central Denpasar. A tree on Jalan WR Supratman also fell, blocking the roadway that was eventually cleared by BPBD and Environmental Agency (DLHK) workers.

Separately, a division head of DLHK-Denpasar, Ida Ayu Widhiyanasari, ST, said that Angsana Trees (Pterocarpus indicus) are among the trees most susceptible to falling in wind storms. Because of this, city authorities said they would discontinue planting this tree species.

Trees standing in soil made moist by rains and floods often fall in high winds when their root systems become compromised.

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Main Article: Indonesia Travel Restrictions Suspended

Indonesia Adultery Law: What You Need to Know

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Indonesia Adultery LawThe recent ratification of a new law – the KUHP on adultery and extramarital sex has generated widespread international press comments, much of it exaggerated and misrepresenting the true nature of Indonesia’s criminal justice system.

Here’s what you Need to Know and Understand About Indonesia’s new anti-adultery law.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business if I Do!

A storm of controversy has erupted following the legal endorsement of a new section in the criminal law addressing adultery and sex, with members of the Indonesian House of Representatives accusing Australians and other foreigners of failing to understand the new law. In fairness, based on reports in local media, more than a few Indonesiannedia sources are also confused by recent events. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Article 412, paragraph 1 of the new law states: “Anyone living together as husband and wife outside of marriage shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 6 (six) months or a fine.”

Many members of the international media are focusing on Indonesia’s ratification of the law that criminalizes sex outside of marriage. One source,, has published coverage under the title “Indonesia Passes Criminal Code Banning Sex Outside Marriage,” emphasizing an alleged criminalization of non-marital sex.

Similarly, The New York Times has written an article titled “In Democratic Indonesia. New Penal Code erodes Long-Held Freedoms.”

Meanwhile, Indonesian press and social media outlets are decrying the new law as overreaching and an outright interference in the private rights of the individual. In response, Indonesian lawmakers accuse the press of misinterpreting and twisting the intent and purpose of the new law.

Speaking from Jeddah on Wednesday, 07 December 2022, the Indonesian Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna Laoly, said: “What is developing is a misperception, especially from outside. For example, regarding extramarital sex, It seems that the twist is going too far. I have to underline that extramarital sex (in this instance) is a complaint-based offense.”

By “complaint offense,” the Minister meant the police can only action charges of adulterous behavior if an immediate family member initially files a formal police complaint. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Yasonna explained that no one would be arrested for adultery or extramarital sex without a police complaint filed by a family member. The cabinet minister accused those depicting the new law as interference in personal privacy of overreaching. He is asking that foreign visitors not be worried about the new anti-adultery law that can only apply if a family member makes a police complaint. Adding: “There has to be a complaint made. If an Australian wants to holiday in Bali with a partner or stay in the same room or whatever, that’s their business. This would require a formal complaint from the parents in Australia which is not their culture,”

In addition to Yasonna, the head of the House of Representatives (DPR), Sufmi Dasci Ahmad, has tried to defuse the controversy surrounding the new law, emphasizing the law is grounded in the need for someone to make a formal police complaint. Ahmad said the DPR would soon create a task force to socialize the new law to the public. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


Govt Ditches High Entrance Fees to Komodo

komodo park entrance feeThe Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, has announced that plans have been revoked to increase the admission fee to visit Indonesia’s Taman National Komodo.

Precipitating widespread protest, plans were announced earlier this year to increase the individual admission fee to Rp. 3.75 million on 01 January 2022. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Speaking in Jakarta on Thursday, 15 December 2022, Minister Sandiaga said: “It (The High admission fee) has been withdrawn and revoked. So there will be no increase in the entrance tariff for Komodo.”

The Minister did not elaborate on the decision to revoke the higher admission fees long championed by Minister Luhut Bismar Panjaitam, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment. In July 2022, the Provincial Government of East Nusa Tenggara announced the new admission fee for the Komodo National Park would increase to become Rp. 3.75 million. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

That announcement sparked demonstrations in Labuan Bajo, NTT, which serves as the gateway to The Komodo National Park. Local businesses threatened to strike, causing the NTT Provincial government to postpone the substantial hike in admission fees until 01 January 2023.

Based on the Minister of Tourism’s most recent announcement, the admission cost will remain at Rp. 150,000 per visitor.

Local tourism operators are complaining about the contradictory announcements. The eventual reversal of the unpopular policy will do little or nothing to recoup hundreds of canceled bookings and momentum in group interest in traveling to Komodo. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


Criminal Liability for RI Bar Operators

bar drunk liabilityA new article (424) in Indonesia’s revised criminal code (KUHP) should give pause to bar and nightclub operators.

Under the new law, bartenders and service staff – and by extension, their employers – can be held criminally responsible for serving drinks to customers who are intoxicated and should have been refused further service.

Service staff and their places of employment discovered to continually serve drunk customers more alcoholic beverages may be subject to criminal prosecution and jail terms of multiple years. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Among the stipulations of the just ratified Article 424 of the Criminal Code include the following:

The new Indonesian law reflects the situation in many countries that hold bars and entertainment establishments legally responsible if they knowingly continue to serve someone already intoxicated. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


Applying Online for RI Visa-on-Arrival

Online Visa-on-ArrivalThe Director General of Immigration -Ministry of Law and Human Rights has announced that foreign travelers coming to Indonesia can apply online for an electronic visa (e-visa-on-arrival) 90 days before arrival. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

“The time limit for the use of an E-VOA is 90 days from the date of issuance.,” explained the sub-coordinator for public relations of the Director General of Immigration, Achmad Nur Saleh, in a written statement issued on Thursday, 15 December 2022.

Saleh continued, saying that foreign nationals can apply online for a visa-on-arrival three months before their intended arrival date. The online VOA will be valid for 30 days.

Immigration officials urge foreign travelers to apply before commencing their travel to ensure the VOA is in hand and confirmed before arrival in Indonesia. If circumstances require, the application for a VOA can be made manually at the port of entry.

To apply for an e-VOA, travelers should prepare a photo of the biodata page of their passport (format JPG/JPEG/PNG). A passport-size personal photograph and a major credit/debit card to pay the visa fee (Visa/Mastercard/JCB).

Third-party payment of the visa fee in a name other than the visa applicant can be made using 3D secure technology for international bank card transactions. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


Cigarette Taxes Increase 01 January 2023

indonesia cigarette taxIndonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has announced that effective 01 January 2023, the excise tax on Tobacco products would increase an average of 10%.

Speaking at the DPR Complex, Sri Mulyani told the press on Monday, 12 December 2022, that the higher taxes would apply as soon as January 2023

As reported by, Kamrussamad, a member of Commission X of the DPR, questions if the tax increase has been adequately socialized in advance to the public. The Legislators said no “road map” exists detailing the steps leading up to the tax increase’s eventual implementation in 2023. He also lamented that the amount of untaxed, illicit tobacco products still in circulation exceeds 5%.

“Illegal cigarettes stand at 5.5% in 2022. When will this be reduced to 3% or 2%? This situation is chaotic, and the Ministry’s road map does not define any clear policy. The amount of illegal cigarettes is always more than 5%. This represents a leakage in the State’s funds,” commented Kamrussamad.

In defense of its administration, the Ministry of Finance insists it has always paid attention to the impact of its policies on employment and related industries. They also consider the effect on state revenue. A spokesman points out that competing interests are at play. For example, some want to emphasize health and do not necessarily think in the same direction as those who want to create jobs.

A Ministry spokesperson said introducing excise tax would require 5-10 years to complete. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Seen from another perspective, the head of The Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) of the Finance Ministry, Febrio Nathan Kacaribu, discussed the slowness of the creation of a road map on matters related to tobacco excise taxes.

He explained that such a road map must contemplate a range of considerations and that his Ministry always pays attention to issues linked to public health, employment, and manpower and also consider the impact of policy decisions on related industries. In the end, the Ministry must always weigh how any issue impacts State revenues.

Differing increases in excise tax apply for kretek machine-made cigarettes, white machine-made cigarettes, and handmade kretek cigarettes.

The Finance Minister said that the average increase in excise tax would be 10%, with the two types of manufactured kretek cigarettes increasing between 11.5% and 11.75%. White manufactured cigarettes will incur an increase in excise tax of between 11% and 12%. Meanwhile, handmade cigarettes will see an excise increase of only 5%. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

194 Foreigners Deported from Bali in 2022

deportation indonesia reports that 194 foreign nationals were deported from the Province of Bali in 2022.

Records kept by the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights office said the largest deportations involved Brazilians and U.S. nationals. The Bali Chief of Immigration, Anggiat Napitupulu, confirmed 194 deportations through 20 December 2022. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Napitupulu also confirmed that 15 Brazilians were deported for violating the terms of their visas. The Brazilians failed to pass the on-arrival interview process at Bali’s Airport, causing immigration examiners to presume those rejected were not visiting Indonesia for tourism purposes but for professional and business reasons. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

A group of 15 Brazilians was denied entry into Indonesia.

Immigration also deported 12 U.S. Nationals in 2022, mainly for overstaying their visas.

Anggiat said that of the 194 foreigners deported in 2022, most were deported for overstaying their visas. Others were deported after completing a prison sentence or because they were caught involved in activities not allowed under their visa class. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


US Cancels LGBTI+ Special Envoy RI Visit

Indonesia Adultery LawThe US Government has announced the cancellation of a Visit to Indonesia by President Biden’s Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Jessica Stern. The planned visit was to meet with Indonesian leaders in the private and public sectors regarding President Biden’s 04 February 2021 Presidential Memorandum on Advancing the Global Human Rights of LGBTQI + persons. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

The US Ambassador to Indonesia, Sung Y Kim, announced the cancellation of Stern’s visit. In canceling the visit, Ambassador Kim issued an official statement: “One of the reasons the United States and Indonesia have such a strong relationship is that we both uphold values such as democracy, human rights, diversity, and tolerance. Those values should apply to every member of society, including LGBTQI+ persons.”

Despite the cancellation of Stern’s visit, Ambassador Kim added: “While we look forward to continuing our dialogue with religious leaders, government officials, and members of the public on the important topic of ensuring respect for the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons, after discussions with our counterparts in the Indonesian government, we have decided to cancel Special Envoy Stern’s visit to Indonesia.

Knowing that around the world, LGBTQI+ persons experience disproportionate levels of violence and discrimination, it is important to continue the dialogue and ensure mutual respect for one another rather than pretending that the issues do not exist. Countries like Indonesia and the US can learn from one another about how to counter hatred and ensure more prosperous, inclusive societies for all.” (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)

Jessica Eve Stern holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University in Public Policy (1992) with a Master’s Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Columbia University. Dr. Stern has held professional assignments in the Clinton Administration’s National Security Council and the Council on Foreign Relations. She is highly regarded for her expertise and publication on counter-terrorism and law.

Among those voicing objections to Stern’s planned visit to Indonesia was the Deputy-Chairman of Majelis Umum Indonesia (MUI), Anwar Abbas. In a written statement on 01 December 2022, Anwar said regarding the arrival of Jessica Stern, the US special envoy to promote LGBTQI+ human rights from December 7-9 to Indonesia, the MUI has stated that it firmly rejects the presence of the special envoy.

Anwar emphasized that Indonesia, as a religious and civilized nation, does not need to receive guests who aim to damage and unsettle Indonesia’s noble religious and cultural beliefs and values. (Article: Indonesia Adultery Law)


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Bali Tourism Targets 11 Million Malaysians in 2023

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Bali Tourism TargetsThe continuing increase in the number of international airlines and air routes connecting the world traveling to Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai International Airport has prompted the management of Bali’s airport to target 11 million international and domestic travelers in 2022.

Spirits buoyed by the reactivation of flights between Kuala Lumpur and Denpasar by Air Asia X, Handy Heryudhitiawan, the general manager of Bali’s airport, has retargeted the total number of domestic and international passengers traveling through his airport at 11 million. Although there is only a little more than a month remaining in the year, he is optimistic that the 11 million total Malasyain traveler target will be reached.

Many are challenging Handy Heryudhitiawan’s projection suggesting it may be over-ambitious or misspoken, including all passengers of any nationality traveling on flights traveling between Malaysia and Bali. But, even from that perspective, the 11 million figure appears to be very over-inflated. Bali Tourism Targets

The inaugural Air Asia X Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bali on Thursday, 24 November 2022, an Airbus A330 – Air Asia X Flight Number D7 798, carried 227 passengers. The return flight to Kuala Lumpur loaded and carried 325 passengers.

The new service connecting Kuala Lumpur and Denpasar will operate three times a week, flying on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

From January – October 2022, a total of 56,026 Malaysians landed at Bali’s airport. Currently, 22 international air routes connect Bali to the world, operated by 25 airlines. New routes and airlines have declared their intent to resume flights to Bali in the coming months.

Bali Tourism Targets

Min. Wage Levels: Java, Bali, NTB, & NTT

bali employee wagesOfficial minimum wage levels for all the provinces in Java were announced on 29 November 2022, unexplainedly delayed eight days from the original date scheduled for announcement on 21 November 2022.

The minimum wage levels for the island of Bali and adjacent provinces of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) for 2023 were announced earlier, to take effect on 28 November 2022.

Bali Tourism Targets – The minimum wage levels for 2023 in Bali, NTB, and NTT.

  1. Province of Bali Rp. 2,713,672 increasing 7.81% from the 2022 minimum wage of Rp. 2,516,971.
  2. Province of NTT Rp. 2,123,994 increasing 7.54% from the 2022 minimum wage of Rp. 1,975,000.
  3. Province of NTB Rp. 2,371,407 increasing 7.44% from the 2022 minimum wage of Rp. 2,207,212.

The new minimum wage levels will take effect from 01 January 2023.

Bali Tourism Targets

Bali Safari Park Hosts SEA Zoo Conference

bali zoo conferenceThe Indonesian Island of Bali has played host to the 30th convening of the SEAZA (South East Asian Zoos and Aquariums Association) Conference at the Bali Safari and Marine Park situated in Bali’s Gianyar Regency. The 40-hectare Park is home to over a thousand animals across 120 species. It is world-renowned for its conservation and rare species propagation program, including endangered Komodo Dragons, Orangutans, Bali Starlings, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran tigers, and more.

SEAZA has nearly 200 institutional members from Southeast Asia, comprised of conservation groups and zoos. Bali Tourism Targets

“Every year, SEAZA holds an annual conference to be attended by members and delegates from various zoos throughout Asia, America, the Middle East, and Europe. This year, Perhimpunan Kebun Binatang Se-Indonesia (PKBSI) / Indonesia Zoos & Aquariums Association (IZAA) is the organizer of the 30th SEAZA Conference 2022 held at Bali Safari Park, November 20 to November 23, 2022,” said Rahmat Shah, said  IZAA on Friday, November 11, 2022. Bali Tourism Targets

Known internationally as “The Island of Gods,” Bali was chosen as the venue based on its reputation as a tourist destination. Rahmat explained that Bali is well-known for its beautiful natural scenery, traditions, art, and culture. Furthermore, The Island has an established strong record for hosting international conferences.

Before the SEAZA conference in mid-November 2022, Bali hosted the G-20 Summit, which welcomed the leadership of 19 countries. Bali has also proven its ability to implement health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Bali Tourism Targets

In his remarks opening the Conference, Rahmat Shah said there are ten PKBSI member-operated sites in Bali that SEAZA conference participants can visit. The Conference aims to be a forum for participants to discuss and exchange views and build networks for a better future in conservation organizations.

Opening of SEAZA Conference at Bali Safari Marine Park – 21 November 2022

Bali Tourism TargetsThis year’s SEAZA Conference has adopted the theme “Stronger Together, For Sustainable Conservation & Eco-Tourism.” This theme reflects a shared enthusiasm in confronting the Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued the world for the last two years.

Rahmat hopes that through this theme, all parties can learn that togetherness is the key to creating a group spirit in embarking on a brighter future. Rahmat reminded everyone that the global pandemic affects not only health but also all sectors, including the tourism industry and the operations of conservation organizations. Adding: “The responsibility to care for and protect animals rests on our shoulders.”

The chairman of the Animal Welfare & Ethics and Organizing Committee of the 30th SEAZA Conference, Willem Manansang, said that 174 participants from 20 countries are attending the Conference. Bali Tourism Targets

The participants will share their experiences, knowledge, and success stories, including strategies for dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. SEAZA members will also demonstrate the role organizations can play. Bali was chosen as the venue in the hope of increasing tourist arrivals.

In addition, attending virtually or in person at the Conference was the Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar; Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno; Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster; and SEAZA President Cheng Wen-Haur.

Conference participants were also treated to safari park activities, the Bali Agung Show, seminars, and expert dialogues on a wide range of subject areas. Speakers will explain issues related to conservation activities, success stories, challenges, obstacles, and solutions taken in operating animal parks.

Bali Tourism Targets

Mainland Chinese Poised to Return to Bali

Bali Chinese Tourism Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, announced on Saturday, 19 November 2022, that Mainland Chinese tourists are expected to return to Indonesia in 2023. Before the global pandemic, Chinese tourists represented one of the leading sources of foreign visitors to the Republic.

Sandiaga, quoted by the State News Agency Antara, confirmed that several Chinese Airlines have applied to resume flights to Indonesia. The Tourism Minister views the return of Chinese tourists as a positive development. Adding, the flight applications filed by PRC Airlines are a positive signal that the Chinese are prepared to reinstate Indonesia as a favorite holiday destination. Bali Tourism Targets

Sandiaga projects that at least 255,700 Chinese tourists will come to Indonesia in 2023. Before 2019 and the onset of the global pandemic, Chinese visitor numbers to Indonesia managed to achieve 2.07 million. Chinese visitors were second to Malaysians totaling 2.98 million.

At this time, the largest source of foreign tourists to Indonesia is Australia, followed in order of size by Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the U.K.

Sandiaga said the relaxation of travel restrictions imposed by the PRC government would facilitate the coming flights and significantly impact the rebuilding of Indonesia’s travel industry and creating employment opportunities.

Bali Tourism Targets

Murder Verdict in MH17 Tragedy

MH17 TragedyOn 17 July 2014, a Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down by Russian-controlled forces over eastern Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board. The shoot-down occurred during the war in Donbas, an area controlled by Russian separatist forces.

Bali Tourism Targets – The initial findings of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and a Dutch Government investigative team that the missile was fired by the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Russian Federation was affirmed last week by the Dutch Courts on Thursday, 27 November 2022. Lead Justice Hendrik Steenhuis declared that the Dutch Court found that MF17 was hit by a Russian-made BUK missile launched from a farm field near Peryomaisk, Mykolaiv Oblast in Ukraine, resulting in the death of 283 passengers and 15 crewmembers.

The ruling by the Dutch Court was handed down more than eight years after the catastrophe. Steenhuis said the Court had conclusively found that Russians were in complete control of the rebel troops operating in eastern Ukraine at the time of the incident that saw a field of crash debris spread across a wide area, including a field used to cultivate sunflowers. The Dutch Court also convicted in absentia for terrorism and murder two Russians and one pro-Moscow Ukrainian who failed to answer the summons to appear before the panel of judges.

Bali Tourism Targets – The three remain at large and were sentenced to life imprisonment. A fourth Russian man was found not guilty due to a lack of evidence. The three mass murderers who are now under an international warrant for their arrest are:

A fourth man, Oleg Pulatovis, the only indicted man represented by legal counsel, was found not guilty by the Court due to a lack of evidence.

MH17 verdict

Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly refused responsibility for the shoot-down of MH17. The Russian Foreign Affair Minister has pledged to review the decision of the Dutch Court carefully.

The vicious missile attack on MH 17 caused the death of 283 passengers and 15 crew. The death toll of 298 comprised:

The tragedy was sorely felt on the Island of Bali, with many foreigners and Indonesians who died in the plane’s downing had family, friends, and lovers in Bali.

If anyone knows the physical whereabouts of any of these three men, they should report that information to their local police or the nearest Interpol office.

Bali Tourism Targets

Traffic Police: Watching From a Distance

bali traffic policeIn conformance with the order of the National Chief of Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, calling for digital ticket ticketing and the ending of in-person ticket issuance by the police, equipment is being installed in major cities, including Bali’s capital of Denpasar, to allow Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE).

As reported by, Commissioner Satake Bayu explained on Friday, 18 November 2022, that ELTE surveillance equipment has been initially installed in the following 7 locations:


bali trafficSatake Bayu said: “Electronic ticketing has been in operation for three months. The mobile system has been in use since preparations were underway for the G20 Summit. Bali Tourism Targets

Satake said the public who violate traffic laws are no longer ticketed directly, with traffic summons issued via an e-ticketing system. The actual traffic violation is digitally photographed and sent electronically to the violator based on the addresses recorded on the car registration (STNK).

The vehicle owner is expected to pay the fine shown on the issued ticket within two weeks or face difficulties in renewing their registration annually.

Traffic police officers on patrol can photograph the violation, which can be sent to headquarters for processing. Police say they will be patrol seeking motorists committing violations such as a failure to use a seatbelt, smoking while driving, or using a handphone while driving.

Traffic violators are given two weeks to settle their fines. Failure to pay would result in the vehicle registration being blocked in the system.


Main Article: Bali Tourism Targets

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New Bali Visa – 10-Year Second Home Visa For Entrepreneurs, Retirees, And High Earners

Table of Contents

New Bali VisaIndonesia has announced the launch of a new 10-year second home visa. The new visa category will allow foreigners with over $130,000 in the bank to apply for a 10-year temporary residency permit for Bali and other popular destinations. There are hopes that this will help attract high earners, retirees, and highly skilled digital nomads to invest in building a life in Indonesia.

Anyone on a second home visa can live anywhere in Indonesia. Most of those who will take up the opportunity to invest in a second home visa will live in international hotspots like Bali, Jakarta, and Lombok. The visa will attract a new community of people to Bali and, the government hopes, trigger growth in less international areas of the country where investment would bring positive development.

The second home visa is available for five or ten years, and applicants must prove that they have IDR 2 billion in the bank, today’s equivalent of approximately USD 130,000. According to Acting Director General for Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana, the new visa ‘immigration policy is one of the non-fiscal incentives that can be a stimulus for certain foreigners to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy amidst increasingly dynamic global economic conditions’.

visa indonesiaHe continued to explain, ‘Towards the implementation of the G20 Summit, today we officially launched the second-home visa. The goal is to attract foreign tourists to come to Bali and other diverse destinations’. The visa category is similar to that found in Costa Rica and Mexico, that makes it easier for international citizens to reside outside of their native homes for long periods of time.

The new visa category forges another option for affluent digital nomads or remote workers who wish to reside in Indonesia long term. This, alongside the B211a socio-cultural visa, is being viewed by some as the complete digital nomad package of visas. However, the Department of Immigration confirmed a few weeks ago that the long-term digital nomad visa is still in the pipeline. 

The launch of the new visa was celebrated in Canggu yesterday. Those in attendance included Widodo Ekatjahjana and the Bali Office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu. It was a telling sign that announcement was made in Canggu, an area that the central and provincial governments are touting as the epicenter of the digital nomad and investment community in Indonesia.

Ekatjahjana told reporters ‘the target of this policy is foreign tourists who have money to enjoy their old age coming to Bali and other destinations in Indonesia. This is a stimulant policy given by immigration in the midst of economic recovery and a dynamic global economy.’ The visa costs just IDR 3 million (USD 192); according to the Indonesian Department of Immigration website, the visa allows foreigners to ‘carry out various activities, such as investment and other activities’.

Though seeking employment within Indonesia would still require a KITAS. It also states that the visa is for ‘foreigners or ex-Indonesian citizens who want to stay and contribute positively to the Indonesian economy’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

New Bali VisaIn the press release, Ekatjahjana invites tourism industry actors to Bali since collaboration with all stakeholders is essential for a better tourism environment than before. The application process is all done online. The web-based application can soon be completed at the website, and there is not too much paperwork to produce.

Applicants must submit a copy of their passport with a minimum of 36 months validity remaining and proof of funds. They must submit a recent color photograph and a copy of their CV. What hasn’t been discussed publicly is whether the CV submission is simply a formality for record-keeping at the Department of Immigration or whether the contents of the applicant’s CV play a role in the decision-making process.(Main Article: New Bali Visa)

The Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Bali, Anggiat Napitupulu, told reporters that the new visa would offer more choices for those who wish to reside in Bali. He said, ‘So far, when they look for VoA, it feels very irresponsible because the validity period is very short. So through this policy, we attract those who have capital, global businesses, and elderly tourists from various countries to enter Indonesia’.

The visa will officially launch 60-days after this announcement, with more information on the policy set to be shared in due course. Therefore, applications are not yet open on the Immigration website. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)


Bali Partners With Influencers To Promote G20 Themes And Tourism

Influencers partnering with the Indonesian G20 Presidency campaign have arrived in Bali. The group of influencers has been bought on board to promote the summit’s agenda and the island as a destination for business, entrepreneurship, and tourism.

bali influencer g20The initiative is being headed up by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Speaking to the press, the Director General of Information and Public Communication of Kominfo, Usman Kansong, shared what vision behind the campaign. He said, ‘The presence of influencers is expected to make the public better understand and support the implementation of the G20. We are aware that the G20 event requires the participation of the wider community so that the theme of Recovering Together, Bangkit Perkasa, can be realized’.

The influencers chosen for the campaign come from all walks of life and all around Indonesia. The influencers will attend parts of the G20 Summit and various workshops. One of the participants is young swimmer Kania Atmaj. The Indonesian swimming record holder and south East Asia Games medalist is joining other high-profile Indonesian public figures, including Wahyu Mahendra, a travel photographer and model, and actress Dominique Diyose.

Speaking to the press, Balinese Kania Atmaj said, ‘When we can harmonize positive thoughts and apply a healthy lifestyle, then we can move, work and do many things’. She explained that she hoped that she would be able to use her platform to encourage more people to take part in a healthy lifestyle. There is a strong focus on global health and sustainability at the G20 Summit this year.

bali influencer g20At an event held on the 26th of October at Canna Bali, the influencers gathered to discuss the themes of the G20 Summit. They discuss everything from digital futures to health and sustainable energy. Dominique Diyose told the audience, ‘The use of clean energy must be realized and implemented considering the age of the earth is getting older, the threat of global warming and our responsibility to leave a healthy earth for the next generation’.

Diyose is also one of the founders of Bali Swap, a slow fashion movement in Bali that helps consumers make more ethical and environmentally friendly choices when it comes to fashion.  When talking about digital futures and how this could impact tourism and travel, especially in Bali, Wayhu Mahendra had some insights to share. He said, ‘Thanks to social media, I can get clients from various regions and even from abroad. The key is not to be complacent and keep exploring’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

With just over two weeks to go until the big event, the local government has confirmed that road closures and travel disruptions will be unavoidable, especially around Nusa Dua. The Denpasar Police Chief, Police Commissioner Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, held a meeting for stakeholders and the media on Tuesday, 25th October.

He explained, ‘Security is the main thing. Through this activity, it is hoped that all traditional village and sub-district officials can convey to the public about security mechanisms during the G20 Summit Presidency’. This includes limiting the movement of people in terms of ensuring office workers and schools work from home during the week of the event, where possible. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

bali g20 influencerHe apologized to business owners in the Nusa Dua area who may have to have their businesses closed for a few hours to ensure security protocols can run smoothly. Livestock in some areas will have to graze elsewhere, and street vendors will not be allowed to operate.

He explained that all traffic around Nusa Dua would be affected, along with the toll road to Sawangan. Specifically, in the Peminge area, only electric vehicles will be permitted over the week of the event. The main conference is being held on the 15th and 16th of November.

The Police Chief said, ‘We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions. However, we only want the implementation of the activities to be safe and successful. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Officials Plea To Bali Government To Protect Against Risks Of Flash Floods

bali flash floodsOfficials at Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) are calling on the Bali provincial government to pay close attention to the island’s rivers. The swelling rivers that transect the Island of the Gods are showing signs of increased risk of flash flooding.

These kinds of natural disasters could prove devastating, even fatal. In light of recent flash floods, landslides, and other weather-related catastrophes in Bali, the BNPB is calling for urgent.

The Acting Head of BNPB’s Disaster Data, Information, and Communication Center, Abdul Buhari, had told the national news agency, Antara, that rivers across Bali should be assessed from source to mouth to ensure debris build-up from recent heavy rains is not blocking the flow of waters. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Muhari explained ‘When the water debit of the river is low, these [debirs] will not become a threat. However, when it rains with very high intensity, then they [the debris] will become natural dams for the water’. The debris in question is everything from fallen trees and logs, to plastic waste and leaf litter.

bali floodingMuhari continued to probe the local government about what they currently knew of the situation in the field. He said, ‘Are there any blockages? Are there fallen trees that may have the potential to become natural dams when the water discharge is very high? These should be our concern’. He noted that, especially with the upcoming G20 Summit, the risk of flash flooding across Bali should be considered with extra urgency.

The BNPB is also calling on managers and operations teams at Bali’s tourist destinations, as well as local community leaders, to go and investigate the rivers close to their homes and businesses for themselves. He suggested that every time there is a downfall, when it is safe to do so, to gauge the height and velocity of the water. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Muhari stated with confidence that Bali’s provincial government must remain vigilant throughout the monsoon season, which usually continues from early November to late March. The monsoon rains have notably arrived earlier than usual this year and with much greater severity.

He said that hydrometeorological disasters during this rainy season are of serious concern since the water buffering and water catchment areas across the island have been reduced.

This is an observation echoed by The Indonesian Forum for the Environment of Bali Province (WALHI). Last week, the organization released new data suggesting that the rapid development of agricultural land (namely rice paddies) into tourist and infrastructure developments directly impacted the increasing number of natural disasters on the island. The Director of WALHI Bali, Made Krisna Dinata shared the data with WALHI members and the press at a meeting on the 18th of October.

heavy rain baliDinata explained ‘The natural disasters that hit Bali are caused by the domino effect of climate change due to the increase in the earth’s surface temperature. Then welcome the conversion of land functions due to massive infrastructure development in Bali’. The research showed that in the space of four years, Bali lost over 34 million tonnes worth of water-carrying capacity in the research area alone. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Tourism development in areas like Canggu and the villages around Ubud has drastically reduced the island’s agricultural land and natural water management system. What’s more, the construction of the Gilimanuk Mengwi Toll Road is set to remove even more vital landscapes that could lead to further natural disasters. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Despite recent flash flooding events across Bali, the worst being in Jembrana Regency, communities, businesses, and even tourists are rallying together to get the cleanup operation underway. Hotels, guest houses, and tourism businesses have conducted beach clean-ups in the Canggu and Sanur areas.

Bali’s newest beach club venue, Atlas Beach Club, was vocal about its support for communities in West Bali impacted by flash flooding and devastations on the 15th and 16th of October. Outreach teams donated food parcels that included over 950 kg of rice, 145 boxes of instant noodles, and 2,544 boxes of implants, along with 1,200 cans of sardines, to communities in need. Other high-profile and smaller businesses across Bali are sending their support to those in need behind the scenes too. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)


Over 100 Additional Staff Added To Bali Airport Immigration Ahead Of G20 Summit

bali g20 immigrationThe Indonesian Department of Immigration has deployed over 100 additional staff to Bali’s I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport ahead of the G20 Summit next month. While the national airport agency and central government have built a new VVIP Terminal building for the events in Bali, the additional staff will operate between commercial arrivals and delegations arriving at both the international arrivals halls and the VVIP terminal building.

A total of 117 staff have been sent to Bali from immigration offices across Indonesia. Officers from Palembang, Semarang, Bandung, Solo, and Jogjakarta have arrived in Bali in preparation for one of the most significant international events that the Island of the Gods has ever hosted. The Indonesian Department of Immigration has also transferred additional resources in the form of computers and other immigration-checking equipment to ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

The Head of the Special Class I Immigration Office at Ngurah Rai, Sugito, told reporters, ‘The addition is to speed up the flow of arrivals during the G20 Summit. The first 44 staff members have arrived, with more heading to Bali in the coming days. He continued to explain, ‘Immigration has also prepared a special immigration check counter for the G20 Summit delegation, which will be filled with 12 officers with a target of 720 immigration checks per hour.

He confirmed that immigration checks on heads of state will be held in the VVIP terminal and that ministers and high-level delegates will be welcomed into the VIP building. Diplomats, representatives, and staff who do not require higher levels of security clearance will be processed at the commercial international arrivals hall. Sugito said, ‘Kanim Ngurah Rai has carried out mapping and plotting of officers. Mobile units used for immigration checks for delegates at the VVIP/VIP level have also been prepared’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Those arriving at the commercial international arrivals hall as members of G20 delegations will have a designated G20 2022 Immigration Check Queue. This, once again, will help ensure that commercial arrivals remain unaffected by the huge influx of G20-related foot traffic.

bali g20 immigrationSugito explained to reporters that although many high-profile members of delegations will be arriving on private charter flights, even more members of the delegations will be arriving on commercial flights. He advised commercial travelers, for example, those coming to Bali on holiday to see family or other non-G20 related business, that there are predicted to be peak times where foot traffic will be higher than usual. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

This will be especially true in the days running up to the G20 Summit. The main event is being held from 15th-16th November, with many people arriving from the 8th of November and not leaving the island until the 22nd.

Sugito said, ‘For these delegates, there are those who use commercial flights, there are special flights. For delegates who use commercial flights, peak hours are usually from 14.00 WITA to 18.00 WITA; and at 20.00 WITA to 22.00 WITA [will be] busy or peak time at Ngurah Rai Airport’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

bali g20 immigrationTravelers who will be in Bali around the G20 event are reminded that there may be road diversions, road closures, and even beach closures for VVIP press calls and field trips. While most events are being held in and around Nusa Dua, field trip events are being hosted around Bali in the days after the main summit. Travelers and locals have been advised that there will be increased police, military, and secret service presence on the streets of Bali, and there will be both uniformed and covert officers on duty. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Despite global political tensions, it remains the case that all heads of state from all of the G20 member states will be attending the summit. This includes US President Joe Biden, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is in addition to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, newly appointed UK Prime Minster Rishi Sunk, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and other key world leaders. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Ministers Pray That G20 Summit In Bali Will Be A Platform For International Peace

bali g20 peace summitMinisters and spiritual leaders in Bali have expressed their hopes that the upcoming G20 Summit will be an opportunity to create international peace. Lead organizer for the event in Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, has shared his hopes that the event will be a platform for Russia to resolve their conflict with Ukraine; in essence, ending the war. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

At a ceremony held in Bali on Wednesday evening at the Peninsula ITDC in Nusa Dua, Minster Pandjaitan and spiritual leaders held a traditional prayer for the event’s success. Minister Pandjaitan said, ‘later [we pray] the world’s leaders will gather here in peace, Ukraine with…Russia peace, America and China can meet [here]’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

He continued ‘President Jokowi will be a bridge to overcome these differences. These efforts will certainly be made and are being carried out, we pray for all of them’. When he was asked whether it remained the case that all world leaders from the G20 nations would be in attendance, as was confirmed a few weeks ago, Minister Pandjaitan said that he had asked all parties to pray that world leaders would attend together and in peaceful circumstances.

Minister Pandjaitan shared his appreciation for the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, who was also in attendance at the event. They were joined by 1200 Bali stakeholders and guests connected to the G20 Summit. A further 1,494 traditional villages and village leaders attended the ceremony online. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

bali g20 peace summitAs the war in Ukraine rolls on, it seems that a seismic change of heart would be needed for peace to be realized within the next two to three weeks. That said, Bali is a place of spiritual healing for many, of cleansing, ritual, and reconciliation, so the hopes are perhaps not plausible.

The joint prayer was for Indonesia’s continued success and ‘glory’ while the G20 Summit goes ahead over the 15th and 16th of November. While Minister Pandjaitan wishes for Bali to be the place where Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky see eye to eye, it may be a little ambitious. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)


Man Who Robbed Australian Woman In Bali Shot By Police During Arrest

Bali’s Badung Police announced at a press conference that they have caught a man who slashed the tires of an Australian woman in Bali and robbed her while she examined her car. Badung Police Chief, AKBP Leo Dedy Defretes told local reporters that the incident occurred on Wednesday 20th July and that the perpetrator has been remanded in police custody. The man in question has been named as M Andri Adi, 26, from Makassar, South Sulawesi. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

According to the version of eventsbali crime shared by AKBP Defretes at the police press conference ‘The perpetrator deliberately broke the victim’s car tire using iron made from umbrella wire’. Defretes describe how Adi slashed the tires and waited for the victim to return to her car. The vehicle was parked outside the Lia Collection shop in North Kuta. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Once the driver returned to the car and drove away Adi followed behind, knowing she’d feel something was wrong with the car soon enough. Adi came along and offered to help. AKBP Defretes said ‘When the victim was careless, and the victim was tricked into seeing the rear tire of the car was flat. The perpetrator immediately took the victim’s belongings in the car and fled’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Adi got away with a cellphone, a gold ring, and IDR 2.5 million in cash. The victim immediately alerted the police. Based on the report the police launched an investigation as quickly as they could and tracked Adi down to the Mengwi area in Badung.

Adi was paraded at the police press conference and could be seen to be limping and had a bloodied bandage wrapped around his left leg. AKBP Defretes confirmed that Adi had been shot by police during his arrest for trying to flee the scene. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

He said ‘When the development of another crime scene was going to be carried out, this perpetrator tried to escape. So that decisive action is taken’. It is not unheard of for police to shoot suspected criminals who try to escape arrest, though it is uncommon. The police did not give any further information about Adi’s case. He remains in the custody of Badung Police. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Local newspapers named the victim as Rosemary Thorburn, an Australian woman living in Sanur. She shared a post on her public Facebook profile describing her version of events. In the caption of the post, she wrote:

bali robbery‘…if you haven’t heard from me or if I haven’t completed a task I promised you. 1 week ago I was robbed…[they] told me to move my car forward…later to learn, over a tack they had planted…Whilst I was at back of car unloading boot bang one opened front door took bag and phone. Needless to say I’ve spent the entire week replacing cards new phone, setting it up, entire day at police station with [an Indonesian] interpreter…it’s a huge task…Also a warning to Bali friends ..Hati Hati’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Thorburn received dozens of comments from friends. In one reply Thorburn writes ‘Can you believe one week to the day a call from 3 very happy detective…photo of my bag…worthless content…best part criminal in their hands…I am amazed’ in another she presses the ‘amazing work from Bali undercover detectives’.

Above all, it seems that Thorburn was delighted to have received back her phone with precious photos stored on it, and the gold ring which she describes as having ‘great sentiment’. (Main Article: New Bali Visa)

Others on the post described how they have experienced similar crimes. Another robbery crime that is often reported to Bali Police is bag snatching from tourists who are riding a moped. Although Bali is a safe place to visit, crime does exist. Anyone who is a victim of a crime is urged to contact Bali Police as soon as possible so they can bring perpetrators to justice.


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Main Article 29.20.2022: New Bali Visa

Indonesia COVID  – on the verge of becoming endemic

Table of Contents

Indonesia reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is at hand. In Indonesia, the pandemic is relatively under control and about to transition to an endemic phase of the disease. WHO reminds vaccination programs against COVID-19 need to be continued and intensified to ensure that the current downturn in the virus does not become an opportunity for a new variant of the coronavirus to enter

The Indonesian Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Mohammad Syahril, admitted that there are already regions of Indonesia that have managed to achieve 100% levels of first and second dosages and 50% levels of third booster shot administration in areas such as Bali and Jakarta.

Based on the WHO standards, for any region to be declared “endemic,” – the parameters of success are not solely linked to vaccination levels. Dr. Syahril told on Sunday, 18 September 2022, that other parameters for qualifying for a standard of endemic regions must also demonstrate: (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

  1. Levels of illness and hospitalization must be below 5%.
  2. Levels of fatalities must be below 3%.
  3. The trend for the level of community transmission and infections must be below 1.
  4. The positivity rate must be below 5%.

Dr. Syahril recommends that the public follow official health protocols, especially concerning wearing masks and vaccination programs, to eliminate the disease.

The Indonesian representative of the Ministry of Health reminded that although there are signs that the pandemic is within reach and coming to an end, COVID-19 continues to exist, meaning that health protocols must remain in place.

To that end, Syahril explained that the “true end” of COVID-19 will depend on human behavior in Indonesia and globally. International adherence to mask wearing and vaccination must be maintained until such a time as the pandemic can be declared officially “over.

Continuing, Syahril said that WHO has given six homework assignments that must be completed to end COVID-19 finally. Adding: “If we don’t remember to keep public health protocols in place, Indonesia will lose this golden opportunity.”

The WHO has established six simple policies that must be followed to end COVID-19. Those six policies are:

  1. Vaccination.
  2. Testing and sequencing.
  3. Ensuring a good system is in place to treat COVID-19.
  4. Being prepared for sudden surges in new cases.
  5. Taking preventative steps to treat the disease and keep it under control.
  6. Keeping the public informed on the subject of COVID-19.

Downloaded from data provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Health, the number of national vaccinations as of Sunday, 18 September 2022:

Focusing on three key areas in Indonesia:

DKI Jakarta (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

– First Dosage: above 100% (12.67 million dosages)

– Second Dosage: above 100% (10.79 million dosages)

– Third Dosage: 53.32% (5 million dosages)

Bali (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

– First Dosage: above 100% (4 million dosages)

– Second Dosage: 96.47% (3.64 million dosages)

– Third Dosage: 56% (2.11 dosages)

Riau Archipelago (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

– First Dosage: 99.49% (1.79 million dosages)

– Second Dosage: 85.34% (1.54 million dosages)

– Third Dosages: 40.75% (734,569 dosages)


Restoring Peace and Quiet to Bali’s Shores

Indonesia COVIDThe growing number of entertainment night spots in the Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu corridor of Bali and the resulting noise pollution that occurs almost every night, lasting until the early morning hours, has become a source of constant anger and upset for those living in the areas.

As reported by, residents have published an online petition to the attention of President Joko Widod and Bali Governor Wayan Koster, demanding firm action to eliminate the general disruption and extreme noise pollution found in North Kuta – such as Batu Bolong, Brawa, and Canggu.

In response to these complaints and the resulting publicity, the Chief of the North Kuta Police Precinct, Police Commission Putu Diah Kurniawandari, said on Tuesday, 13 September, that his force will coordinate with the Badung Regency Enforcement Agency (Satpol PP Badung) to visit local night spots and recommend that music volume be reduced starting from 10:00 pm.

Local public ordinances and zoning laws stipulate outside amplification is forbidden, limiting amplified sound to enclosed sound-proofed interior spaces, specifying curfew hours by which amplified music must cease, and a specific outside decibel limit of 70 decibels in areas surrounding Bali night spots. Other local zoning laws stipulate minimum setback distances from the shoreline for construction to preserve open public access to the seas. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Much to the chagrin of residents in this area and the general public in Bali, these rules are seldom applied or enforced by enforcement agencies, with officials disingenuously claiming they lack the proper authority to take action against violating business.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are blaming noise pollution in beachside areas as being destructively harmful to sea life ranging from whales, porpoises, the general fish population, and nesting sea turtles.

A resident describes how the Batu Bolong and Brawa Beach areas of North Kuta are disturbed by open-air entertainment venues.” Every night, every weekend, every month, both before and after the pandemic, people report they cannot sleep at night. After 10:00 pm, noise booms out from open-air bars adjacent to sacred Balinese temples. The noise makes windows and doors vibrate. It’s worse than an earthquake.” The resident continued, saying the noise pollution happens every night until 1, 2, 3, or sometimes 4 am. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Online Petition

Bali PieceThe online petition published at originated by P. Dian on behalf of the people of Bali and, particularly, the people living in the Canggu. The petition area addressed to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, the chair of the PDIP Parti Megawati Seokarnoputri, Bali Governor Wayan Koster, the Regent of Badung Regency I Nyoman Giri Prasta, the chairman of Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia (PHDI) Major General (Ret) Wisnu Bawa Tenaya, working chairman of PHDI-Bali Nyoman Kenak, traditional chiefs (kelian) in Canggu and Berawa, the provincial head of Bali Enforcement Agency (Kasatpol PP Provinsi Bali) Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi, and the head of Kasatpol Badung I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

The petition has accumulated more than 8,000 petitioners and remains online, still garnering more signatures at .

One petitioner commented: “We sincerely request the government immediately enact strict regulations with official and severe sanctions, with strict monitoring by the Public Order Enforcement Officers. We can no longer remain silent because our beautiful island of Bali can still be saved. Rioters are obliterating our sacred culture for the sake of their businesses solely at the expense of the interests of thousands of other people and the ‘basic human rights of most people to rest,” one petitioner wrote.

“Other countries have formal rules that forbid loud amplification after 10:00 pm. In these locales, violators are subject to strong penalties and can even have their businesses closed, licenses revoked, and doors sealed,” said a police spokesman.

Residents also complain that the beach area is becoming known for outrageous and immoral acts, causing many local people to abandon their homes in search of more peaceful surroundings. Petitioners cited a pattern of actions at area bars, including public intoxication, public sex acts, and urinating on temple grounds. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Police officials and residents cite the growing number of new large beach clubs with capacities for thousands of tourists as the worst contributors to sound pollution. One new open-air night spot – Atlas Fest – is Asia’s largest beach club and entertainment center. Finns Beach Club – one of several competitors – claims to have hosted 10,000 guests for its 2021 New Year’s Eve Party.

In response to the petition getting international press coverage, the head of the Badung Enforcement Agency (Kasatpol PP – Badung), I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara, announced his office would coordinate with the Provincial Government of Bali on the extent of any violations committed by the night spots. These investigations will specifically focus on Home Affairs Minister Directive No. 42 of 2022 and Bali Governor Regulation No. 16 of 2016, which regulates amplified sound. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Generally, acceptable maximum continuous sound levels in residential areas are 55 DBA – a decibel level roughly equivalent to the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Business and entertainment areas increase the maximum sound level to 70 DBA – a decibel sound level compared to the sound of a dishwasher or washing machine.

Currently, restaurants and bars are allowed to remain open until 2:00 am, stipulating that volume levels will be dramatically reduced starting from 10:00 or 11:00 pm. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

What The Petition Says

The petition is still available for signature at and addressed to both national and provincial leadership, made the following points:

∙ The people of Bali, including those in the Canggu area, who have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, are now suffering after the pandemic from the practices of beachside night spots.

∙ Bali’s reputation as a place of beauty, spirituality, and culture is threatened by the behavior and practices of “loud, rowdy bars, beach clubs, night clubs, with ugly behaviors happening right next to our residences and next to sacred Balinese temples.”

∙ These continuing activities deny the basic human rights of restful nights and are causing “thousands” of people, including Balinese residents, expats, and foreign and domestic tourists, to abandon Canggu and Bali, vowing never to return. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

∙ Bali is becoming “a place of insane noise pollution with the sound of loudspeakers blaring from bars till almost dawn, combining with the sound) of motorbikes and shouting drunken tourists.”

∙ There are frequent fights and speeding drunk motorcyclists have ended in fatal accidents. Some bars built directly on the beach also cause environmental problems due to their proximity to the sea.”

∙ The petitioners are calling on the government to pass and enforce strict regulations that include severe sanctions. Satpol PP must diligently monitor these rules.

The Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy announced he was imminently flying to Bali to personally survey the situation and to meet with officials and community members. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)


Car-Free Sundays Return to Denpasar, Bali

Indonesia COVIDAfter ceasing operations for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Car Free Day” has returned to the Niti Mandala Hero’s Monument Field in downtown Denpasar once a week.

On Sunday, 18 September 2022, the four-lane road on Jalan Niti Mandala was closed to vehicular traffic from 6:00 am until 10:00 am. Like Sundays before the pandemic, “Car Free Day” was suspended two years earlier, ending an event where the public often turned out to walk, run, exercise, and ride bicycles.

Quoted by the National News Agency Antara, a Denpasar resident Koming Sukerti (48), who was jogging on the roadway with his family, said: “I am delighted (at the reopening) because I have long wanted to use our free time to exercise with my family, but this was not possible until the road was reopened again for our use on Sundays. I hope that ‘Car Free Day’ (CFD) will continue, so there is a place for young people, families, and people like me can again perform exercises in public. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Another member of the public from Desa Lebih in Gianyar, Eka Putra Hamanda (24), said, “I enjoy the CFD that has been absent for two years and hope it will continue every Sunday morning.” He expressed his wish that the activities on the roadway and the adjoining park could also be expanded to include culinary contests, clothing exhibitions, and children’s games.

On Sunday, 18 September 2022, Dewi Wahyuni, who operates the Yan Renon Food Stall, reported that between 6:00 am and 10:00 am each Sunday, she targets to generate a turnover of Rp. 3 million in food Sales.

Each Sunday, 60 personnel from the Transportation Department (Dinas Perhubungan), Bali Police, Satpol PP, and Pecalang will be on hand to safeguard the CFD. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)


Troubled Bridges Over Bali Waters

Indonesia reports that repairs on three major bridges on Jalan Gatot Subroto Timur, targeted for completion on 31 December 2022, may have suffered a major setback.  The bridges span major river gorges on the road that connects Bali’s east and west coast across Denpasar north.

Repairs and upgrades on three bridges are budgeted to cost Rp. 109 billion. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Portions of the bridge construction over the Ayung River reported suffered a collapse on 23 September 2022.

Following the collapse, an observer on zoning and infrastructure who is also a senior professor in the Technical Faculty at Bali’s Udayana University, Dr. Ir. Putu Rumawan, has expressed his concerns, questioning the quality of the concrete being used on the bridge.

The partial collapse of the Ayung River Bridge occurred on Thursday, 22 September 2022, during a rain storm while a heavily loaded truck filled with sand was crossing the gorge. The contractor employed to repair the bridge recently complained of high fuel costs and the burden of constructing retaining foundations to protect local temples. (Main Article: Indonesia COVID)

Professor Rumawan focused on the continuing passage of vehicles over the bridge still in the process of repairs and reconstruction. “It is difficult to undertake constructions on a bridge still open to traffic. I am worried that the concrete will crack, exposing the interior steel strengthening rods to corrosion, resulting in an overall weakening of the structure,” he said.

Are you looking for a beautiful piece of land around Lovina/North Bali?
Main Article: Indonesia COVID


Immigration Indonesia – President Wants to Shake Up Immigration

Table of Contents

Immigration IndonesiaIndonesian President Joko Widodo has asked that the Immigration Department simplify and ease the process for obtaining visas-on-arrival (VoA) and Limited Stay Permits (Kitas), particularly for foreign investors.

As and report, the President’s instructions come after receiving many complaints regarding immigration service. The President spoke while leading a meeting convened with top officials to discuss VoA and Kitas at the National Palace in Jakarta on Friday, 9 September 2022.

The President said that he had received so many complaints regarding immigration that he hoped a total transformation would now occur to ease and improve services from the government agency.

President Joko Widodo commented: “What I have seen and conveyed to me has come from investors, tourists, people wanting to obtain a Kitas, or a resident permit. I feel that immigration continues to arrange and control the process. Until when? When will this end? This is difficult.”

For these reasons, President Widodo calls for a complete revamp of how immigration handles VoA and Kitas. He said the regulations must be simplified and serve tourists and investors coming to Indonesia.

“This has to change. The atmosphere of immigration should be one of service and facilitation. There needs to be a total change. If we want to attract investment and tourists, there needs to be a change,” said the President.

“This needs to be changed; it must be. What should be its aura is to facilitate and serve. It must change completely. If we want investment and tourists to come, it must be changed,” said Jokowi. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

Joko Widodo also said the importance of granting VoA or a Kitas to potential investors must also be seen from the perspective of the investment’s size, job creation, contribution to the economy, and opportunity to enhance exports.

The President cited examples from several countries that have facilitated visas and stay permits for foreigners with economic potential or special skills.

Joko Widodo said he wished to see immigration provide better service and abandon past practices. Easier visas and Kitas for investors and experts are sure to benefit the people of Indonesia.

Sounding an ominous warning to his cabinet and the hierarchy of the immigration department, the President told the cabinet to change the practices of the immigration department, replacing all officials starting from the director-general on down if needed. Adding that if such steps are not taken, nothing will change. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Fuel Prices Increased 03 September

fuel prize hikeThe Indonesian Government has increased the price of subsidized fuel, including Pertalite, Diesel, and non-subsidized Pertamax, effective Saturday, 03 September 2022. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The fuel-price increase was announced by President Joko Widodo in a press conference on Saturday at the Presidential Palace.

As quoted by, President Joko Widodo said: “The Government has taken a decision in a difficult situation. This was the Government’s last choice to re-channel fuel subsidies that will result in the adjustment of fuel prices.”

The new fuel prices will take effect from 3:30 pm Jakarta time on Saturday, 03 September 2022.

The Presidential Press Conference included the attendance of The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif, who announced Pertamina’s new price levels effective 03 September 2022:

PERTALITE Increased from Rp. 7,650 per liter to Rp. 10,000 per liter.

DIESEL (SOLAR): Increased from Rp. 5,150 per liter to Rp. 6,800 per liter

PERTAMAX: Increased from Rp. 12,500 per liter to Rp. 14,500 per liter.

While the new prices of Pertalite and Solar will be uniform for all areas of Indonesia, the price for Pertamax will vary across the country’s many regions.

Bali Prices

In Bali, Fuel Prices in Bali effective 03 September are as follows:

PERTALITE: Increased from Rp. 7,650 per liter to Rp. 10,000 per liter.

DIESEL (SOLAR): Increased from Rp. 5,150 per liter to Rp. 6,800 per liter

PERTAMAX: Increased from Rp. 12,500 per liter to Rp. 14,500 per liter.


High Cost of Air Travel

Immigration IndonesiaAlthough the number of flights operating between Jakarta and Singapore continues to expand, demand still exceeds supply, resulting in air ticket prices that are very expensive, sometimes four times the price levels that existed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quoted by, Suryopratomo, the Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore, speaking during an interview with Investor Daily, said: “In the past, the round-trip ticket price Singapore-Jakarta on a low-cost airline was only SIN $200 (around Rp. 2.1 million), now that price has increased to SIN $600-$800. In the past, this was very cheap, and now it is much more expensive.”

After the pandemic had abated, said the Ambassador, the number of passengers flying Jakarta-Singapore increased extraordinarily. “I think 100,000 can fly between Singapore and Jakarta in a single month,” said Suryapratomo. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The Ambassador suggests supply of aircraft seats far exceed current demand, with demand held down by high prices.

The Ambassador continued, explaining that Singapore Airlines flights have now increased to five times and recently increased from four times each day. However, this number has yet to reach half of the flights between the two cities before the COVID-19 pandemic, when Singapore Airlines flew 13 flights each day.

Meanwhile, Garuda Indonesia, flying during the post-pandemic period only once daily, has increased its flight schedule to 11 times each week, leaving four days on which there are two flights each day.

Turning his focus to Bali, the Ambassador said Garuda had recommenced flights from Singapore to Denpasar 3 or 4 times per week, while Singapore Airlines flies twice daily.

Elaborating further, the Ambassador said Batik Air flies twice daily. The lower number of flights reflects demand held back by high ticket prices in the post-pandemic era. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Foreign Arrivals to Bali on a Steady Rise

bali tourismThe total number of foreign visitors to Indonesia in July 2022 reached 476,970. According to the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, this is the highest number recorded since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking on Tuesday, 06 September 2022, Minister Sandiaga said foreign visitors to Indonesia are dominated by five source countries: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and the U.S.A. Australia – the largest source of Indonesian visitors – represents nearly 40% of foreign visitors.

On a cumulative basis, from January until July 2022, foreign visitors totaled 1.2 million people, 15 times more than the same period in 2021.

The Tourism Minister says the significant increase in foreign visitors to Indonesia is fundamentally fueled by travelers using visa-on-arrival to Bali. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

Foreign visitors to Bali in July 2022 totaled 246,504. Adding: “This represents the highest number of arrivals since the pandemic with daily arrivals in the thousands. These visitors are entering Indonesia via Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Addressing Visa-on-Arrival (VoA), Sandiaga said 75 countries are now eligible to receive VoA with the recent addition of the Maldives, Monaco, and Columbia.

Citizens of ASEAN Nations are eligible for a visa-free visit to Indonesia. These nations include the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


199-mtr Glass Bridge Opens in Blahbatuh

bali reports that the Balinese Regency of Gianyar is preparing to open Bali’s first glass bridge in the Village of Saba, Blahbatuh District, in September.

Frequently unsettling to the uninitiated, guests can walk the elevated 199-meter distance between Banjar Blansinga to Banjar Tegenungan in the Sukawati District. The resulting feeling for the brave heart is not unlike walking on thin air.

A leading villager of Blangsinga, I Nyoman Artawa Putra, also on the expert staff of the Regent of Gianyar, confirmed the bridge is scheduled to open in September 2022. The bridge was constructed under the supervision of a Chinese company that has built similar glass bridges worldwide.

The contractor boasts that the finished bridge can bear loads of pedestrians up to a maximum weight of 40 tons. Putra said that once the bridge is open to the public, authorities will strictly control the number of people allowed to cross the bridge at any time. Putra added, “The number of people that can walk across the bridge simultaneously is around 250. The bridge will be very safe.” (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

Village officials and the Gianyar Regency have prepared supporting facilities for the new glass bridge, including parking lots and widening access roads to the ridge planned for 2023.

Putra said that in 2023 the surrounding roads would be taken over by the Regency and widened by an additional one meter to permit bus travel.

The bridge’s construction is now complete but is not yet open to the public. Still to be finished is a gateway and ticket booth for the bridge that will span the Petanu River. Those using the bridge will enjoy views of the river below and the adjacent Tegenungan Waterfall. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)



China Airlines Flies Taiwan-Bali 2X Weekly

bali flights china airlinesChina Airlines flying from Taiwan has returned to Bali with the landing of Flight Number CAL 771 at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport on Friday, 02 September 2022, at 3:06 pm.

The flight was operated on an Airbus A333 aircraft configured to carry 307 passengers. Welcomed with a water canon salute, the inaugural flight carried only 163 passengers, comprised of 136 economy class and 26 business class travelers. The flight from Taipei to Bali took 5 hours and 30 minutes to complete. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The return flight to Taipei (CAL 772) departed at 4:07 pm with 84 passengers on board.

China Airline’s flight is the 22nd international airline operating to Bali.

The manager of Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, Handy Heryudhitiawan, told that China Airlines plans to operate twice each week on Tuesday and Friday initially.

In 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 1,196,497 Chinese Travelers (including mainland PRC) visited Bali, followed by 1,137,087 Australians, and 377,543 Indian nationals.

Before COVID-19, eight airlines operated 20 flight routes from Mainland China and Taipei.

From January to August 2022, 1,860,842 international passengers across 10,647 air movements traveled to and from Bali’s Airport. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Putin Plans to Visit Bali in November

bali g20 summit putinThe State News Agency Antara quotes the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Lyudmila Vorobieva, saying the Jakarta Embassy is preparing for Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit Bali in November 2022 to attend the G20 Conference.

Ambassador Vorobieva’s comments were made during a press in Jakarta on Wednesday, 07 September 2022.

Confirming that President Putin has received a formal invitation from Indonesia to attend the G20 Summit, Vorobieva said, “The Russian Embassy in Jakarta has begun preparing for the arrival of Putin in Bali. On the Indonesian side, President Jokowi has already sent an invitation to President Putin. That invitation was received with great gratitude.” (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

Vorobieva explained that Putin intends to participate in the G20 Summit directly. Adding that the Russian President’s attendance continues to depend on developments in several areas, including the military operation in Ukraine, the future situation with COVID-19, and the overall security situation.

Vorobieva restated Russia’s continued support of the priorities set by Indonesia’s Presidency of the G20 Summit and continues to participate in various G20 programs conducted by Indonesia. Adding: “We fully support Indonesia’s Presidency of the G20 and greatly appreciate the position of the President and the Government of Indonesia.”

She said Russia is preparing to send two musicians to attend and perform at the G20 on 12 September 2022. Russia is also ready to attend an October G20 Parliamentary Meeting in Jakarta. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Loads of Family Attractions in Bali

Bali is a family-friendly destination with many local attractions of possible interest for both solo and family groups on offer.

(Main Article: Immigration Indonesia) Here is a recommendation list of animal related parks.

Bali Exotic Marine Park

…located at Benoa / Denpasar is an independent organization dedicated to protecting marine life. Boasting Indonesia’s largest saltwater habitat. Bali Exotic Marine Park also donates to animal rescue foundations and offers charity therapy programs for disabled people in their worldwide recognized dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) and internship programs.

Bali Exotic Marine Park will contribute back to society through their intricate research, education and conservation programs. The Park with it’s 32 sqm salt water pool provides daily interaction and swim programs with dolphins.

The Bali Exotic Marine Park is open daily from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm to visitors and people keen to get in close contact with this lovely animals. 3 different dolphin interaction programs are on offer – a truly extraordinary experience for kids and families. Rates can be checked on their dedicated website.

Reservation required by email or via mobile phone: +6285338833678 (WA)


Mason Elephant Park

Mason Elephant ParkOne of these attractions is Mason Elephant Park, located in the Village of Taro, North Ubud. After arriving at the Park, guests can enjoy a range of activities.

Those wishing to linger a while with a large herd of Sumatran elephants can book a stay at The Mason Elephant Park & Lodge; ride an elephant on a park safari tour; join the fun of giving a bath to one of these majestic animals; feed the animals; visit the elephant museum, or have lunch at its popular restaurant. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The beautiful 3.5-hectare Park opened in 1989 and is home to 32 elephants, 6 of which were born in the Park.

The Mason Elephant Park is open daily from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm to visitors or on a 24-hour basis for overnight guests at the Elephant Park & Lodge.


Bali Bird Park

bali bird parkThousands of birds native to Indonesia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia make their home at the large aviary complex.

All presented in an idyllic garden, guests can wander from habitat to habitat, have lunch in the popular bird park restaurant, shop in the bird-themed souvenir chop, and enjoy the frequent bird shows.

The Park has been in operation for 20 years. A recent addition to the Park is an incredible 4-D theatre that shares the fascinating story of the world’s birds. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The Bali Bird Park provides a brilliant “day out” while viewing 1,000 birds across 250 species. The Park is also home to a collection of rare Komodo dragons found in nature only on a small group of islands east of Bali.

The Bali Bird Park is open daily from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm.


Bali Safari and Marine Park

Established in 2007, The Bali Safari and Marine Park has become one of the Island’s “must-see” stops.

Covering 40 hectares, the Bali Safari and Marine Park is home to more than one thousand animals representing more than 120 separate species, including rare and endangered species, Sumatra elephants, Komodo Dragons, Orangutan, Bali Starling, and Orangutans. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Tampaksiring Palace

The Tampalsiring Palace, or Istana Tampaksiring, located in Central Bali, is one of several “rest houses” for successive Presidents of the Republic and VIP guests of the Nation. The Palace is comprised of four separate buildings: Wisma Merdeka, Wisma Yudhistira, Wisma Negara, and Wisma Bima.

The first two buildings of the Tampaksiring Palace, Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Yudistira, were constructed in 1957, followed by the Wisma Negara and Wisma Wudistira in 1963. This growth was occurring to complement the other Presidential Palaces: Istana Bogor, Istana Merdeka in Jakarta, Istana Cipanas, and the Istana Gedung Agung Yogyakarta,

Of all the Presidential Palaces, Istana Tampaksiring, only the Bali Palace was built after the National Independence declaration. The entire palace occupies a 19-hectare site overseeing the Tirta Empul Temple. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)


Taman Nusa

bali taman nusa Located in Gianyar Regency is a remarkable cultural park celebrating the diverse provinces and ethnicities of the Republic located on Jalan Taman Bali-Banjarangkan.

Exhibits depicting the native architecture of people living from Sabang until Merauke fill a 10-hectare site. Taman Nusa also shows the historical development of Indonesia from prehistoric times to the modern day.

Taman Nusa  is open daily from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm



Pulau Penyu – Turtle Island

bali turtle islandA 30-minute boat ride from Tanjung Benoa in south Bali, Pulau Penyu, can be accessed using a local sailing boat from the seashore. This Island has become the center of turtle breeding and conservation in Bali.

On Tanjung Benoa, a large number of water sports operators can be found encompassing snorkeling, jet ski, scuba diving, and underwater sea walking,

Pulau Penyu is open to visitors daily from 9:00 am until 5 pm.


Ubud Monkey Forest

bali monkey forestLocated within the limits of the Village of Ubud is a large public park boasting growth of primary trees that is also a sanctuary for a large colony of wild monkeys. The Ubud Monkey Forest covers a 10-hectare plot of land inside the village of Ubud, serving as home to 115 species of tropical trees.

Around 700 Balinese lone-tailed monkeys, crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis), live in the Ubud Monkey Forest, a species more commonly known locally as the Balinese long-tailed monkey. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The mostly tame population of monkeys are notoriously naughty in securing food bribes from visitors who will pester to obtain bananas and peanuts from local vendors for their enjoyment. Sunglasses, handphones, hats, and other personal items will often be snatched by the primates, who will hold these items for ransom until successfully traded back for food. (Main Article: Immigration Indonesia)

The Park is open daily from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, with an admission charge at the gate used to care for and feed the primate population.


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Main Article: Immigration Indonesia

New North Bali Airport Officially OFF Government Priority List

Table of Contents

New North Bali AirportThe President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has removed a total of eight major construction projects from the list of National Strategic Projects. One of these eight scrapped projects is the contentious North Bali Airport.

Discussions about creating another international airport in Bali have been ongoing for years. A project was launched to get the North Bali Airport built and operational by 2024. It is thought that slow progress is the reason plans have been scrapped.

Although plans were in place for North Bali Airport to open in 2024, the Indonesian government had not even completed the land acquisition required for construction to start. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

The Deputy for Coordination of Regional Development and Spatial Planning of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Wahyu Utomo told reporters that President Jokowi has issued instructions to put a stop to any projects that were not making sufficient progress.

Utomo said that the North Bali Airport has been removed from the National Strategic Project list and is there no longer a priority. Discussions around the airport may continue and offers of private investment may be accepted. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

He said ‘It does not mean that the project will not be carried out [at all], but the pace will be different. Because many problems require greater effort so that 2024 is not resolved.’ The project has been bought to a close under this term of Widodo’s presidency.

The airport was a government project that was going to be constructed through a partnership with China Construction First Group Corp. Ltd. (CCFG). CCFG is a subsidiary of one of the state-owned Enterprises (BUMN) in China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC). State-owned companies like these in China have a strong track record of financing the construction sector. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

new north bali airportUtomo told CNBC Indonesia that the CCFG is ready to fund the project when the land acquisition and all other hurdles are out of the way, though there is no knowing how long that could take. He said that the CCFG is the primary funders of the project moving forward ‘which means that we will not use the state budget and regional budget funds to build this airport’.  (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

According to DetikTravel, a local travel newspaper, the plans for North Bali International Airport, whenever it is built, include a 3,600-metre runway and be able to welcome huge aircraft like Boeing 777s.

The plans state that the terminal buildings will be able to accommodate 50 million passengers every year. This is way above the current tourism targets set by the Indonesian Tourism Minister who, in this recovery year from Covid-19 has set Bali’s tourism targets as 1.5 million international visitors and 7 million domestic arrivals. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Other projects that have been swiped from the National Strategic Project list include the Tiro Damn in Aceh, the Tanjung Api-Api Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in South Sumatra, the Cikarang-Bekasi Laut Inland Waterways (CBL), the Puruk Cahu-Batanjung Railway via Bangkuang in East Kalimantan.

These projects have been sidelined for the same reasons as North Bali Airport, progress in planning and construction has been too slow.

Bali’s current international airport Ngurah Rai is fit for purpose and is receiving an injection of funds ahead of the G20 Summit being held in Bali in November. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

The Island of the Gods will welcome heads of state and their delegations from the 20 biggest economies in the world. Construction of a VVIP terminal building at Ngurah Rai is underway to receive high-profile visitors. Renovations are also underway at the cargo terminal to increase capacity for the incoming event. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

This week Indonesian immigration has added three new counties to the visa-on-arrival program. Visitors to Bali from Monaco, the Maldives, and Colombia can now holiday in Bali and pay for their visa on arrival at Ngurah Rai International. This brings the total number of countries eligible for a visa on arrival in Indonesia to 75.

Visa on arrival in Bali costs IDR 500,000 and can be paid in cash or card in a range of currencies. The VoA is valid for 30-days and can be extended one time for an additional 30-days. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)


Tourist That Claimed 5 Hour Line Up At Airport

New North Bali AirportOn Friday 29th June a travel blogger called Sebastian Powell published an article titled ‘Bali Airport Has Become A Nightmare With Up To Five Hours Immigration Lineups’. In the article, Powell shared images of the busy arrival and immigration hall at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.

He made bold statements and shared stories from other travelers who he described as being ‘close to breakdown’ after five hour-long queues.

The article quickly traveled around the internet and caught the attention of Bali Immigration officers and the Deputy Governor of Bali. These accusations of long queues and distraught passengers are not good for the island’s public image.

Authorities launched a quick investigation to see whether Powell’s claims were true. After watching Powell disembark from his Thai Airways flight from Bangkok on Friday afternoon on CCTV, airport authorities could see that his wait time was just 53-minutes; from entering the arrivals hall to being stamped into Indonesia and moving into the luggage hall.

(Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Bali Airport and authorities do not deny that there were longer than usual queues at Bali Airport on Friday afternoon and have spoken to local newspapers about their side of the story from an operational perspective.

The Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Anggiat Napitupulu told local reporters ‘We give Sebastian a warning so that he holds a 30-day visa on arrival (VoA), we ask him before 30 days to leave Bali or Indonesian territory’.  He has been asked to leave on the grounds that the five-hour queues did not happen to Powell, since CCTV can prove his processing time was just under an hour and that he didn’t have any first-hand evidence or experience of a 5-hour queue.

Naptiupulu said ‘The person concerned only tells what people say, but he can’t be sure when it happened, where it happened…So, you can say this is a little bit of a makeup story…the person concerned is a German citizen, an international blogger, and previously a tourist. Based on his track record, based on CCTV footage at [Bali Airport], from the time he got out of the immigration clearance [area], was 53 minutes’. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

According to Naptiupulu, many people on Friday were processed within 13-minutes of standing in the immigration queue, although he did confirm that some people during peak hours were waiting up to 2 hours to be processed. Naptiupulu and his team could share reasons why queue time is variable and occasionally longer than they would like.

He explained how 16 of the Immigration Counters are undergoing renovations ahead of the G20 Summit in November. He also explained how Friday afternoon is a peak traffic period for the airport with a dozen big international flights all arriving in the early afternoon. He said ‘From 11 am to 2 pm, there are 10-12 large-bodied flights at the same time, so the queue is no more than two hours. However, this is still a normal situation’. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Bali’s Deputy Governor has also made comments about processing times for arrivals at Bali Airport. Deputy Governor of Bali, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati, also known as Cok Ace, has visited Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport since Powell’s article was published.

Ace inspected the immigration queue and asked about wait times for passengers. He requested that Bali Airport teams install additional seating designated for those with disabilities in the arrival halls.

Cok Ace said ‘Indeed, the passenger’s goods [luggage] seem to take a long time to process, between 30 minutes to 1 hour. But I have asked and hope that the process of waiting for passenger goods can be accelerated. This is not anyone’s fault, but the mechanism is like that’.

Powell has published an updated story to share the information given to him by Bali authorities including passenger figures, wait times, and the number of arrivals. He praised the authorities for being approachable and sharing explanations with him. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)


Rising Fuel Costs Trigger Fast Boat Fare Increases

Rising Fuel CostsTourists using Bali’s fast boat services will need to adjust their budgets as ticket prices increase to reflect rising fuel costs. Petrol costs on mainland Bali are increasing from IDR 7,650 per liter (USD 0.5) to IDR 10,000 (USD 0.67). (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

The main fast boat services that will be impacted are from Bali to Nusa Penida and hopping between Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Cengingan. It is expected that fares will also increase from Bali to the Gili Islands and Lombok in the near future.

The Head of the Klungkung Transportation Service, I Nyoman Sucitra, told local reporters that this plan has been in the pipeline for three weeks and is coming into effect as of Wednesday 7th, September. He said that the rise in petrol costs is the reason for the increasing prices and that boat operators cannot fund the difference. ‘If tariff adjustments are not made in line with the increase in fuel prices, [this] has the potential not to cover operational costs, both for sailing, docking, and others. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

The prices are not regulated by regional governments but by the central transport ministry, which has a knock-on impact on regional boat operations. The boat operators held a meeting and assessed the changing financial situation. Together, they agreed on a fair and practical increase in ticket prices and presented this to the regency government, who approved the change in tariff. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Sucitra said, ‘Regarding the fast boat tariff, it is not regulated in the Regional Regulation but refers to the Ministry’s regulations, and the most decisive is the manager of the fast boat concerned’.

Prices may not be all that noticeable to tourists, a slight increase of a few dollars. Currently, the boat fare from Kusamba Village in Bali to Nusa Penida is IDR 50,000 (USD 3.36). With the new increase, tickets will cost IDR 70,000 (4.70) one way per person. For travelers heading to Nusa Ceningan from Kusamba Village, tickets will not cost IDR 85,000 (5.71) rather than IDR 65,000 (4.37).

Rising Fuel CostsThese ticket increases have been agreed upon by all the boat operators who provide fast boat services from Kusamba to the Nusa Islands, including; Gangga Express, Sekarjaya Group, The Angkal, Idola Group, Wijaya Buyuk, Caspla, D Camel, Artamas, Glory 2, Rocky, Funtasea, D Star, Boat Tanis, Dream Beach, Marlin, Mushroom Prds, Semabhu Hill Group. Some of these boat operators also provide fast boat services from Sanur and Padang Bai; ticket prices will have increased by around 30% from Sanur too. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

The news comes just a week after tourism officials on Nusa Penida shared figures celebrating the return of mass tourism to the area. Compared to areas like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, tourism in Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan has been slower to bounce back.

Many tourists incorporate a visit to Nusa Penida as a day trip during their holiday in Bali. There are plenty of different accommodation options on the Nusa Islands, and there is plenty more to explore than can be seen in a day alone.

The Nusa Islands sit 30-minutes away from mainland Bali, and is governed is under the same provincial government as Bali. The tourism tariff to visit the Nusa Islands remains at IDR 25,000 (USD 1.68) for adults and IDR 15,000 (USD 1) for children. The tourism levee was put in place to help fund improvements to infrastructure across the islands. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Rising fuel costs are being felt heavily across Indonesia, especially in the transportation sector. Bali’s tourism transportation sector was just starting to find its feet after the height of the pandemic. Local newspapers have also reported that online taxi service provider GoJek will increase their fees to reflect the increase in petrol costs. Small increases in fares for transportation services for tourists and locals can be expected across the island in the coming months. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)


Bali Prepares To Welcome First Cruise Ship Arrival In 2 Years

Bali is preparing to welcome the first cruise ship to arrive on the island in over 2-years. The Australian cruise ship, Laperouse, will come into Benoa Harbour on the 19th of September. The return of cruise ships to Bali is a positive sign that the Island of the Gods continues to move in the right direction, rebuilding the tourism economy day by day.

bali cruise ship harborLaperouse will be carrying 70 international tourists arriving in Bali after a short stop at Port Kalabahi in East Nusa Tenggara. Speaking on behalf of Indonesia’s Port Operators, Pelindo, the Regional Head, Ardhy Wahyu Basuki, told reporters that his teams were ready and excited to welcome Laperouse. He said, ‘This is the moment we are really waiting for after almost 2 years we have not received cruise ship visits due to the pandemic’.

The excitement is heightened by plans for the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub. The tourism area that is being established around Benoa Harbour is focused on building capacity for bigger cruise ships and ocean liners. The return of cruise ships to Below Harbour and the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub is an exciting and affirming moment for all involved in the project. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Ardhy shared that at least 135 cruise ships are booked to dock at Benoa Harbour in 2023. A few dozen more are scheduled to arrive before the end of 2022. He said, ‘It is true that at this time we have obtained a number of planned ship visits in 2022 and 2023, we must prepare this properly so that it can have an impact on the tourism economy in Indonesia’.

A local cruise operator, I Nyoman Sudana, told local reporters that it is vitally important that these early cruise ship arrivals go smoothly. With the much-anticipated return of cruise tourism and ambitious expansion plans, stakeholders will be watching closely, seeking  reassurance that the project management teams and the site are ready. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Sudana said, ‘This [arrival] must be prepared carefully because this momentum can be a turning point for the revival of international tourism in Indonesia, especially Bali’.

bali cruise ship harborSudana shared his enthusiasm and said he, like many others, had been waiting for over 2-years for this moment. While he has to wait another week or so, Sudana and his college can finally breathe a sigh of relief. so much longer to reopen and relaunch operations. While much of Bali’s tourism sector has experienced some form of reopening, the cruise industry had to wait  Sudana said, ‘This is something we have been looking forward to for approximately 2 years from this pandemic’.

His sentiments were echoed by local souvenir seller Dadiasih who has a stall at Benona Harbor. Dadiasih said, ‘The [positive outcome] we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and we and our friends can sell again’. The return of cruise operations has a positive knock-on effect on the communities living and working in the area. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

There are dozens of medium, small and micro enterprises that have been living with minimal income since the pandemic began. Many solo entrepreneurs or business owners had to completely close down operations and, if they were lucky, were able to find work in farming or fishing.

One of Bali’s key tourism leaders I Ketut Jaman, shared his delight and optimism at the return of cruise ships to Bali. He shared his hopes that the return of Laperouse on the 19th of September would trigger a further acceleration of development in the area.

The Bali Maritime Tourism Hub is a multi-million dollar expansion of the Benoa Harbor and surrounding areas. The development will include a yacht marina, yacht club, theme park, and water sports facility. Work is already underway, including dreading the coastline to increase the port’s depth to allow much larger cruise ships to come in to dock. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)


Bali Edges Closer To Hitting Tourism Targets Before End Of 2022

bali tourism 2022Bali’s Governor, Wayan Koster, has announced updated figures for the island’s recovery from the pandemic. In a written statement published on Monday 5th September, Koster shared updates about tourism figures, vaccine rollout, and projections for the last quarter of 2022.

Starting with an update about Covid-19, Koster shared that the number of new cases continues to decline. He confirmed that hospitalizations due to Covid are decreasing, the number of recoveries is increasing, and the number of reported deaths is at an all-time low. All of which is a hugely positive sign for local people and the recovery of the tourism sector. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

He attributed this success to the rollout of the vaccine program. Bali set ambitious targets to get the majority of the island’s population vaccinated. The figures suggest that the target for the number of people having their first vaccination has not only been met but surpassed.

97% of those who took the first vaccine have received their second, and over 80% of the booster vaccine target has been met. Governor Koster confirmed that Bali achieved the fasted and highest vaccination rate in all of Indonesia. He wrote ‘The better condition of the Covid-19 pandemic and high vaccination rates in Bali have made Bali a comfortable, safe and conducive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists’.

Koster wrote that from the 1st of January 2022 to the 2nd of September 2022, the number of domestic tourists arriving in Bali through I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport reached 5,123,974 people. While the number of foreign tourists visiting Bali has reached 945,006 people. Earlier in the year, Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, announced his target of one million international visitors to Bali in 2022. These latest figures suggest that Bali is right on track. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

In the statement, Governor Koster confirmed that domestic arrivals through Bali Airport currently average 12,000 people per day. For International arrivals, the average sits at 10,000 per day. The number of daily arrivals has now surpassed 50% of the norm before lockdown, which authorities are taking as a landmark moment. This sits above what the local government was targeting at the beginning of the year. Koster wrote, ‘This achievement is much faster and higher than the planned target of 40% by December 2022’.

Later in the statement, Koster wrote, ‘The increase in domestic and foreign tourist arrivals to Bali has directly impacted the recovery of tourism and the recovery of the Balinese economy. Bali is starting to rise again’. He noted how the international perception of Bali as a tourism destination has played an essential role in the island’s recovery. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

bali tourist arrivals 2022In recent weeks Ubud has been named the Best City in Asia and the best destination for solo travelers by two notable travel publications. Bali was also announced as the happiest holiday destination in the world in a recent survey by ClubMed. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

Governor Koster ended his statements by sharing his enthusiasm for the upcoming G20 Summit in Bali on 15-16th November. While the main event is being held in mid-November, there are dozens of preliminary conferences and workshops happening in Nusa Dua before world leaders arrive.

Bali is preparing to welcome heads of state from the world’s 20 largest economies, their families, delegations, and the world’s media. This is a huge opportunity for Bali; Governor Koster and the Indonesian government are working around the clock to ensure the event is world-class. (Main Article: New North Bali Airport)

In his closing remarks, Governor Koster thanked the people of Bali for their collective awareness. He encouraged everyone to continue to work together and support each other for the good of the island. He shared his prayers and blessings for nature, the ancestors, and spirits to ensure that ‘Bali Will Rise Again’.


Are you looking for a beautiful piece of land in North Bali?

Main Article 08.09.2022: New North Bali Airport – Officially Off Government Priority List

Bali World Tourism Day – hosted on 27 September

Table of Contents

Bali World Tourism DayIndonesia has won the privilege to be the global host of the 42nd World Tourism Day, which falls on 27 September 2022.

Quoted by, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said: “For the 42nd edition of World Tourism Day, Indonesia has received the honor of being named host with the headquarters for the global celebration to be Bali on 27 September 2022.

The tourism minister announced during his weekly online press briefing on Monday, 08 August 2022.

Sandiaga reminded everyone how World Tourism Day for 2022 has adopted the theme of “rethinking tourism” that encourages the re-surveying of what constitutes quality and sustainable tourism.


Bali World Tourism DayMeanwhile, the Tourism Ministry’s acting deputy for resources and tourism institutions, Frans Teguh, commented that the theme of “rethinking tourism” needs to be embraced across Indonesia. Adding: “As hosts (for World Tourism Day), we need to agree with other nations that we (all) want to encourage tourism enterprises to develop a tourism model that is people-oriented, quality-oriented, and sustainable.”

Bali’s role as the host for the global celebration also entails the hosting of related events. These events will include panel discussions led by Bali tourism practitioners on “Rethinking Tourism as a Key Element on Recovery” and “The Tourism We Want.

In the run-up to World Tourism Day on 27 September, the Ministry of Tourism says seminars, competitions, community projects, and clean-up campaigns will be held nationwide. Article: Bali World Tourism Day



Latest Rules: Domestic Travelers in Bali

indonesian domestic travel rulesPT Angkasa Pura, the state-owned company that manages Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport, has published the new travel guidelines for air travel following a circular memorandum issued by the Ministry of Transportation (SE 77 of 2022) covers travel during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Article: Bali World Tourism Day

The General Manager of Bali’s Airport, Handy Heryudhitawan, told that he was assuring the public that there would be no obstacle to implementing the new travel guidelines. “Implementing the memorandum SE 77 travel regulations will not change passenger flows at the Airport, and there will be no backloads or accumulation of passengers or operational problems at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport,” said Herydhitawan on Tuesday, 16 August 2022.

From January to July 2022, Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport served 5,612,677 domestic and international passengers, with passenger flows continuing upward. Reflecting what has been labeled as “low season” and higher ticket costs, domestic and international passengers are now averaging around 20,000 each day, down from a daily average of 28,000 in July. Article: Bali World Tourism Day

“I hope the new travel guidelines will not affect traffic flows at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport,” added Herydhitawan.

SE 77 sets the following new guidelines:

  1. Every domestic air traveler must use the Government’s online health certification application PeduliLindungi.
  2. Domestic air travelers aged 18 and above who have received a complete vaccination program, including a booster shot, are NOT required to present proof of a negative RT-PCR or rapid antigen test.
  3. Domestic air travelers aged 18 and above who have only received the first and second COVID-19 vaccine must show proof of a negative RT-PCR performed within 3 x24 hours of departures.
  4. Domestic air travelers aged 6 – 17 years who have received both the first and second vaccination are NOT required to present a negative test result from an RT-PCR or rapid test antigen.
  5. Domestic air travelers aged 6-17 years who have only received the first vaccination or have received no vaccination are required to present proof of a negative rapid test antigen performed within 1 x 24 hours of travel or a negative RT-PCR test performed within 3 x 24 hours of travel. Article: Bali World Tourism Day
  6. Domestic air travelers aged 6-17 years who have not been vaccinated and are arriving in Indonesia on an international flight are required to show a negative rapid test antigen performed in 1 x 24 hours of travel or an RT-PCR performed 3 x 24 hours of travel.
  7. Domestic air travelers suffering from specific health conditions or comorbidities preventing them from undergoing vaccination are exempted from government rules on immunization. They must present proof of a negative RT-PCR performed 3 x 24 hours of travel. This group is also required to submit a letter from a doctor or Government Hospital stating the traveler is unable to under vaccination against COVID-19.
  8. Domestic air travelers under the age of 6 years are exempted from vaccination requirements and are not required to present proof of screening by RT-PCR or rapid test antigen. Travelers under the age of 6 years must be accompanied by an adult who has satisfied the COVID-19 vaccination and screening tests outlined in the government deadlines.

Handy added that vaccination service is available at a special facility at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. This service has been open since 07 July 2022 and operates from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Article: Bali World Tourism Day


Bali Terrorist Umar Patek Early Release?

Bali Terrorist Umar PatekInternational media is focusing on the planned imminent early release from prison of Umar Patek (50), the convicted bombmaker in the Bali Bombing of 12 October 2002 that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians, 23 Britons, and 53 others, spread across 20 other nationalities. At least 209 others suffered severe injuries in the attack. Article: Bali World Tourism Day

Patek’s release forms part of a long-standing Indonesian program to reintegrate into mainstream society former terrorists now professing a personal reformation. Patek’s proposed release at this time would fall just short of the 20th anniversary of the murderous attack and represents a total of two years’ sentence reduction for the East Java man.

Channel 9 Australia quotes Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese: “This will cause further distress to Australians who were the families of victims of the Bali bombings. We lost 88 Australian lives in those bombings.” Adding: “His actions were the actions of a terrorist, and they did have such dreadful results for Australian families that are ongoing, the trauma which is there.” Article: Bali World Tourism Day

The Australian Prime Minister is reportedly making “diplomatic representations” to the Indonesian leadership to discuss Patek’s planned early release and other issues, including the fate of Australians sitting in Indonesian jails. The Prime Minister said Patek’s release from prison is “abhorrent.”

The Indonesian prison system typically grants sentence reductions in conjunction with the Nation’s Independence Day (17 August) or on religious holidays. Article: Bali World Tourism Day

Bali Terrorist Umar PatekThe head of the provincial office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Zaeroji, told the Associated Press that Patek has received a five-month reduction in his sentence for good behavior and could subsequently be released in August 2022. Zaeroji said prisoners in Indonesian prisons are eligible for early release if they meet the legal requirements. Explaining: “While in prison, he behaved very well, and he regrets his radical past, which has harmed society and the country, and he has also vowed to be a good citizen.”

A former member of the militant Islamic terrorist group, Jemaah Islamiyah, Patek, was arrested in Pakistan in 2011 and extradited to Indonesia, where he stood trial and was convicted for his involvement in the 2002 bombing. In 2012 he was sentenced to 20 years for murder and bomb-making in connection with the Bali terrorist attack and a Christmas Eve attack on a church in 2000.

The anger of many members of Australian society is disagreeably palatable. Erik de Haart, an Australian, who helped evacuate victims from the Bali bombsite, speaking on the Australian TV program Sunrise, questioned the Indonesian justice system that allows a man who has killed and injured hundreds, like Patek, to go free and the execution of Australian citizens Bali Nine members for simply smuggling drugs and who had demonstrated regret and remorse during their pre-execution imprisonment.

Bali Terrorist Umar PatekDe Haart added, “This guy’s responsible for the death of over 200 people, and he gets released early because he was a good boy in jail? Please. Anyone can pretend to be de-radicalized—but, at the end of the day, he made a weapon that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians. And, you know, 10 years? Is that enough? … He doesn’t deserve to be given a good-behavior release”.

De Haart has joined a substantial chorus of fellow Australians calling for Australia to take a harder line with Indonesia, including rejecting a billion-dollar loan being extended by Australia for COVID-19 recovery.

Jan Laczynski, a survivor of the bombings, interviewed by Channel 9, said that many Australians would be “devastated” by Patek’s release. “This guy should not be going out unsupervised, unmonitored,” he said. Article: Bali World Tourism Day


Bali Police Bust Online Gambling Racket

Bali PoliceA police strike force headed by the chief of the Denpasar Precinct, Police Commissioner Bambang Yugo Pamungkas, raided a fourth-floor meeting room in an unnamed hotel on Jalan Kartika Plaza in Kuta Bali at 8:00 pm on Saturday, 13 August 2022, suspected to be the headquarters of an illegal online gambling operation.

When police arrived at the scene, the conference room was empty. Police seized four computers, four operating units (CPU), seven routers, and four handphones.

As reported by and, Police Commissioner Yugo told the press that police came to the location following reports from local citizens and the hotel’s management, who were suspicious of activities taking place in the hotel’s Orchid Meeting Room. Yugo confirmed that the Head of the Bali Provincial Police has ordered a crackdown on online gambling and that his officers continue reviewing the material gathered from the suspected gambling center.

The hotel’s management confirmed that the meeting room had been booked and used over the past several weeks. Police believe the party renting the conference room were locals currently sought by police. Article: Bali World Tourism Day


Travel & Leisure: Bali 3rd Best Island reports that Travel + Leisure has published its list of the “25 Best Islands,” naming the Island of Bali as the World’s 3rd best.

bali travel leisureIn an online poll conducted from 25 October 2021 until 28 February 2022, the sophisticated readership of Travel + Leisure were asked to rate their favorite travel experiences, from destinations to hotels, attractions, and transportation providers.

The list of favorite holiday islands was based on Travel + Leisure reader reviews on the friendliness of native populations, local cuisine, tourist activities, panoramic views, and quality of beaches. Article: Bali World Tourism Day




The Travel + Leisure global list of the 25 best holiday islands for 2022 and accompanying scores:


2 Holiday Inns Seized on Kuta Beach, Bali

Teams from the Attorney General’s office have seized the assets of an Indonesian businessmam Surya Darmadi located across three provinces of Indonesia – Jakarta, Bali, and Riau,

bali holiday innAs reported by, Darmadi is currently charged in a corruption case involving Rp. 78 trillion in two separate cases. One is the result of allegations of malfeasance by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) involving the change in the status of jungle land in Riau. The second case alleges Darmadi, via his company PT Duta Palma Group in Riau, illegally usurped land measuring 37.095 hectares. Article: Bali World Tourism Day

In Bali, as reported by, Prosecutors have taken action based on a ruling made by the Denpasar High Court (Nomor: 5/Khusus/Pen.Pid.Sus-RPK/2022/PN/ Dps). Prosecutors seized a parcel of land held by PT Menara Perdana measuring 26,730 square meters on Kuta Beach occupied by the Hotel Holiday Inn Resort Bali and the adjacent Hotel Holiday Inn Express Bali.

Another parcel of land in Kuta comprising 2,000 square meters owned by the Duta Palma Group has been seized as part of the corruption case.

The case also includes a 4,470 square meters parcel on Jalan Rasuna Said in South Jakarta, a piece of land measuring 9,271 square meters, and a building on Jalan Gatot Subroto in South Jakarta.

In Riau, the government has seized a piece of land measuring 10,944 square meters on which stands a building operated by PT Duta Palma in Pekanbaru.

State Prosecutors seized the lands in three separate provinces of Indonesia in a continuing criminal case for money laundering against businessman Surya Darmadi originating with his Palm Oil business (PT Duta Palma Group). Article: Bali World Tourism Day


Gala G20 Cultural Dinner to be held at GWK

bali garuda wisnu cultural parkBali’s iconic Garuda Wisnu Kenaca Cultural Park (GWK) Lotus Pond has been selected as the venue for the welcoming cultural dinner for at least 20 heads of state and related delegations expected to attend the G20 Summit in Bali in late November 2022.

As quoted by, Andre Prawiradisastra, the head of marketing communication and events for GWK, told the press on Saturday, 20 August 2022, that preparations for the prestigious November dinner have reached the 80% level.

Among the items being prepared for the G20 Summit Dinner at GWK in November is the renovation of the entrance gate, creating new steep access roads. Andrew confirmed these three main preparatory steps with other projects, including CCTV surveillance installation and enhanced public area lighting.

Various government ministries and agencies are helping GWK prepare for the big event. This includes the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. Andre added: “Everything must be ready by September. But, by August, President Joko Widodo may come to check that all is clean and ready.”

Andre warned the public to expect the popular GWK Cultural Park to be closed for three days before the event, from 16 -18 November 2022, and 2 days after the gala dinner.


Article: Bali World Tourism Day – on 27 September 2022

Looking for a beautiful piece of land with sea view in North Bali?

 North Bali Airport Plans Opposed

Table of Contents

North Bali Airport reports that the chairman of the Special Planning Commission for the Provincial Zoning in Bali (RTRW-Bali), Anak Agung Ngurah Adhi Ardhana, announced that, after years of debate, the Village of Sumberklampok, in the Gerokgak District of Buleleng Regency has been selected as the location for a North Bali airport.

The location for the proposed new airport mow forms a part of the Provincial Zoning and Development Plan for Bali for the period 2022-2042.

Bali Governor Wayan Koster confirmed the Sumberklampok location based on a letter from the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning and the National Land Agency (BPN) sent on 15 January 2022 (Nomor PF.01/ 08-200/ I/ 2021 tanggal 15 Januari 2021).

The chairman of the special commission appointed to create a 20-year zoning plan, Adhi Ardhana, reminded that the final confirmation of the location for the north Bali airport remains in the sole authority of the Ministry of Transportation.

The final go-ahead in the construction and location of a major airport in North Bali remains bogged down by numerous regulations and inter-agency disputes.

North Bali Airport Plans – On 28 April 2022, a letter from the National Secretariat (B.0203/Seskab/Ekon/04/2022) was sent to Bali’s Governor Wayan Koster that contained an attachment containing specific guidance from President Joko Widodo calling for work on an airport in northeast Bali (Kubutambahan) be halted because the airport location has now been shifted to a new location in northwest Bali.

This was preceded by a letter (PB.01/ 369-II-200/ VIII/ 2021) sent on 04 August 2021 from the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and the head of the National Land Agency (BTN) to Governor Koster recommending specific changes in the Provincial Zoning and Spatial Plan (RTRW – Bali).

Ardhana also explains that the relocation of the proposed airport must also contemplate issues related to the conservation of a protected National Forest. Ardhana confirmed that a letter (Nomor S.127/ PKTL/KUH/PLA.2/ 2/ 2021) was sent on 08 February 2021 from the Director-General of Forestry Planning from the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry (KLHK) addressing issues related to the infringement of the new airport on the National Park.

Ardhana, quoted by, explained: “Because the land sought for the North Bali Airport is dry and non-productive. Thus, regarding environmental impact and other factors, the area’s zoning is still under review.”

North Bali Airport Plans – Community Opposition to New Airport Location

North Bali Airport PlansBuleleng Regency community members have formed a group called the Forum for North Bali Progress (Fobatama) is voicing its adamant opposition to plans to build the airport in Sumberklampok.

Fobatama, with members drawn from diverse sectors of the community, is suggesting that “certain parties” meddled in the selection of the new location for the airport in their community,

Antonius Sanjaya, a member of Fobatama, warns that if officials force the construction of the new airport in Sumberklampok, they will face various obstacles. In addition to the natural limitations of the proposed location, there are also problems caused by the infringement by the airport on segments of the West Bali National Park (TNBB) and the Park’s central role in the conservation of the endangered Bali Starling population.

“We reject plans to move the planned North Bali Airport and the revision of Provincial Regulation Number 3 of 2020 governing the relocation of the proposed air gateway from the Village of Kubutambahan to Sumberklampok. We are firm in rejecting the proposed location, which is not following the Presidential Decree on developing national strategic projects,” Anton said on 20 July 2022.

North Bali Airport Plans – Anton Sanjaya also serves as the chairman of the executive board of the non-governmental organization Gema Nusantara, warns that relocating the airport to Sumberklampok violates the law.

The location of the new airport at Sumberklampok is only 40 km from the Belimbing International Airport in Banyuwangi, East Java.


Deal for Bali Paramount Picture Theme Park

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans)
bali paramount theme parkThe creation of the Paramount Theme Park in Bali made significant progress on Tuesday, 26 July 2020, with the signing of a development (construction) agreement between PT Kios Ria Kreasi and Paramount Pictures (USA) in an online ceremony. The signing was supplemental to an earlier Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two companies.

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) As reported by and, the online signing of the agreement is needed to commence project construction. The event was attended by representatives of the two companies and witnessed by the Regent of Jembrana, I Nengah Tamba; the Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno; and the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster.

Regent Tamba told the press: “Today is a historic date for the Regency of Jembrana. On this day, in Los Angeles, USA, a signing took the place of an agreement between PT Kio Ria Kreasi and Paramount Pictures.”

bali paramount theme parkThe Regent of Jembrana, I Nengah Tamba (left), accompanied by the Regency Secretary, I Made Budiasa, participating in the online signing ceremony between PT Kios Ria Kreasi and Paramount Pictures for Bali Theme Park.

Tamba continued, saying the signing affirmed that we will now achieve Jembrana’s desire to become home to an international-standard entertainment attraction with the construction of the Paramount Theme Park Bali.

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) When completed, Tamba said the Paramount Theme Park Bali would become the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, a magnet for international tourists to Jembrana. He added that this significant development in the tourism sector would enhance the Jembrana region’s economy.

Tamba said: “God willing, we continue to pray (for success). We welcome this project because it will bring extraordinary change to the income, progress, and performance of the Regency of Jembrana.


Blaze on Gili Trawangan

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans)
Gili Trawangan BlazeA massive fire on Saturday night, 30 July 2022, damaged 94 buildings on Gili Trawangan, leveling at least 49 tourist villas.

Gili Trawangan, the largest in a group of three small offshore islands situated northwest of Lombok, measures some 3 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide and is home to a population of approximately 800 residents comprised of island residents and tourists.

Gili Trawangan is a popular island party destination supported by an extensive collection of beachside restaurants, bars, and hotels. The island has a “no vehicle policy,” with transportation provided via rented bicycles and local horse carriages (cidomo).

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) Saturday night’s fire began shortly after sunset at 6:30 pm at the Hotel Jambuluwuk, spreading quickly to the nearby Eden Homestay. The fire made quick work of many buildings primarily constructed of wood, thatched roofs, bamboo, and other natural materials.

Guests were safely evacuation, and no injuries have been reported. Because the island has no formal fire department, residents formed makeshift fire brigades using buckets filled with water, fire extinguishers, and scooped water from swimming pools. reports that police continue to investigate the incident.


Bio Security Controls for Bali Travelers from OZ

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans)
Bali Bio Security ControlsThe Australian federal government is urgently introducing strict new biosecurity precautions at Australian airports to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) from Indonesia, which is experiencing an outbreak across a wide geographical area.

As reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), “biosecurity response zones” are being introduced at Australia’s international airports where every traveler arriving from Indonesia must use specially-designed foot mats and undertake biosecurity measures that include the thorough disinfection of footwear and clothing.

These measures represent a sterner upgrade from the recent past, where travelers from Indonesia were asked to voluntarily submit to using foot mats and momentarily surrender their shoes for cleaning.

The new measures at the Australian airports are mandatory for a three-month trial period and only apply to travelers arriving from Indonesia. The force of law for these measures is mandated under Australia’s 2015 Biosecurity Act.

Bio Security Controls for Bali(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) Australia’s Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Wyatt is defending the new and strongest biosecurity measures in Australia’s history as necessary to protect the public and animal health.

Viral traces of FMD have been identified in Australia.

Senator Wyatt told the ABC: “We have already announced a $14 million assistance package to reduce the risk of FMD spreading from Bali to Australia, which includes increased detection and protection here in Australia and a million vaccines for the Indonesian cattle industry.” Adding: “I also announced the deployment of sanitization foot mats at all international airports as an additional layer of protection for returning travelers from Indonesia.”

The mats are now being urgently introduced at airports nationwide in Australia.

The worsening crisis of FMD has precipitated demands from opposition members, including National Party legislator David Littleproud, to close the borders between Indonesia and Australia. Littleproud is a former Australian Agriculture Minister.

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) The ruling party in Australia and the National Farmers Federation have dismissed any proposal to close the borders between the two countries. The president of the National Farmers Federation, Fiona Simson, says, “Our members do not support the closing of borders. It would put at risk a trade that is very valuable.”

While viral traces of FMD have been identified in meat products in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia remains FMD-free.

Fiona Simson warns: “If even one case was to emerge in Australia, farmers would be faced with heart-wrenching decisions around the extermination, culling, and euthanizing of livestock to stop the spread of the disease. “It would shut the export markets immediately — so our meat, our wool, our cheese, our dairy products — they would all be halted immediately,” she said. Adding: “We cannot allow this to happen.”

Australian officials assure that Australian meat and dairy products remain safe to consume.


Sanur Beach: A Special Economic Zone

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans)
Sanur Beach Special Economic ZoneThe long-standing proposal that the Sanur Beach area of Bali become a Special Economic Zone (KEK) has received the agreement of the National KEK Council chaired by the Coordinating Minister for the Economy. Airlangga Hartanto, at a meeting of the Council held on Friday, 22 July 2022.

It is now expected that the National KEK Council will recommend to the Indonesian President that government regulations be promulgated to support a Special Economic Zone status for Sanur Beach.

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) Quoted by, Minister Airlangga said in a written statement, “With this (recommendation), the National KEK Council agrees with the proposal to create a special economic zone in Sanur and (the government) will soon finalize this fact in a Government Regulation embracing a KEK Sanur.”

Establishing a special economic zone in Sanur, Bali will be home to Indonesia’s first integrated medical health facility.

Airlangga said he hoped this development would save Indonesia’s foreign exchange while enhancing the national economy by transferring knowledge and technology from establishing a world-class medical campus in Sanur.

Sanur Beach Special Economic ZoneAirlangga said that creating a Special Economic Zone in Sanur will create a demand for human resources and stimulate new investment. By 2030, the Minister hopes that the segment of between 4% to 8% of the Indonesian public, representing between 123,000 to 240,000 people now seeking medical treatment overseas, will be able to seek medical care in Sanur. Projected through 2045, the total foreign exchange savings will equal Rp. 86 trillion and generate 19.6 trillion in additional foreign exchange for the National Economy.

Sanur Beach Special Economic Zone(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) The special economic zone established in Sanur will showcase medical and tourism projects, including hospitals, clinics, hotel accommodation, an ethnomedicinal botanical garden, MICE facilities (meeting, incentive, conference, and exhibition), and a commercial center. The total land area projected for the KEK Sanur is 41.26 hectares, with investments worth Rp. 10.2 trillion.

43,647 jobs are expected to be created by the Special Economic Zone.

At the center of the Sanur Special Economic Zone is the Bali International Hospital, now being built in Sanur in cooperation with the prestigious USA Mayo Clinic.

The Indonesian government seeks to stimulate national economic development by establishing special zones themed in various sectors, including digital enterprises, maintenance-repair-and-overhaul (MRO), education, and health.


Indonesia Remains Free of Monkey Pox

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans)
Monkey Pox DiseaseOn Saturday, 23 July 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the monkey pox epidemic a global medical emergency.

The Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has described the spread of monkey pox to more than 70 countries as an extraordinary situation qualifying as a global emergency.

In an unprecedented move, the WHO has declared a global emergency to sound an alarm and help coordinate an international response and make available funding for vaccines and care protocols to prevent the further spread of the disease.

(Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans) The WHO reports that monkey pox is a viral zoonosis (a virus transmitted from animals to humans). Contagion comes from close contact with an infected animal or human being through lesions, body fluids, respiratory droplets, and contaminated materials, such as bedding. With a fatality rate of 3-6%, monkey pox is self-limiting, with symptoms usually lasting for 2-4 weeks. Symptoms resemble smallpox – a disease eradicated globally in 1980, presenting clinically with fever, rash, and swollen lymph nodes.

Monkey Pox DiseaseMeanwhile, a spokesman for the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Mohammad Syahril, announced on Sunday, 24 July 2022, that there had been no confirmed cases of monkey pox in Indonesia.

Syahril said that the Government is vigilantly following developments with the global outbreak of monkey pox to prepare a national response to prevent the spread of the disease to Indonesia. Adding: “At airports, seaports, and land borders – we are on alert towards humans and animals that can cause the spread of monkey pox.”


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Main Article: North Bali Airport Plans

Indonesia Travel Rules

Table of Contents

New Domestic & International COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Indonesia Travel RulesThe Ministry of Transportation has published circular memoranda providing guidelines to take effect on 17 July 2022 on the use of public transportation.

The circular memoranda – numbered 21 and 22 – covers travel guidelines for both domestic and international travelers during the continuing pandemic.

Adita Irawati, a spokesman for the Ministry of Transportation, stated in a written explanation on Monday, 11 July 2022, that the guideline covering domestic travel comprises four memoranda: memorandum no. 68 on sea transportation; memorandum no. 70 on air transportation; memorandum no.72 on rail transport; and memorandum no. 73 on land transportation. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

For international transport, there are three relevant memoranda: memorandum no. 69 on sea transportation; memorandum no. 74 on land transportation; and memorandum no. 74 on land transportation.

The guidelines generally covered the memoranda address nationwide air, sea, land, private vehicle transportation, public transport, ferries, and train travel.

Domestic Travel

The key guidelines include:

  1. Domestic travelers who have received the third COVID-19 vaccination (including the 3rd booster shot) are not required to show negative results of an RT-PCRor rapid antigen test.
  2. Domestic travelers who have received a second dosage of the COVID-19vaccination are required to present a negative result for a rapid antigen test performed within 24 hours before departure or a negative result for an RT-PCR test performed 48 hours before departure. These domestic passengers must also be prepared to submit to an on-site booster (3rd vaccination) at the port-of-departure.
  3. Domestic travelers who have only received the first COVID-19 vaccinationmust present a negative result from an RT-PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure.
  4. Domestic travelers suffering from specific health conditions or comorbidity that prevent vaccination are exempted from the vaccination requirement. Still, they must present proof of a negative RT-PCR examination within 72 hours of departure. These individuals must also submit a doctor or government hospital letter stating that the traveler cannot follow the COVID-19 vaccination
  5. Domestic travelers between the ages of 6 and 17 must show a certificate showing they have received the second COVID-19 vaccination and are not required to present a negative RT-PCRor rapid test antigen.
  6. Domestic travelers under the age of 6 years are exempted from vaccination requirements and are not required to present a negative RT-PCRor rapid test antigen. The young travelers must be accompanied on their journey by someone who has met established vaccination and testing protocols.

Indonesia Travel RulesAdita Irawati elaborated, saying the above requirements do not apply for routine travel by land using public or private vehicles, trains operating within a single region or municipal area, pioneer modes of transportation in border areas, and, in limited special circumstances, in remote regions.


Generally, the protocols apply also to foreign travelers using the following gateways:

  1. International airports that include: Soekarno Hatta (Banten), Juanda (Surabaya), Ngurah Rai International (Bali), Hang Nadim (Riau), Raja Haji Fisabilillah (Riau), Sam Ratulangi (Manado), Zainuddin Abdul Madjid (Lombok), Kualanamu (Medan), Sultan Hasabuddin (Makassar), Yogyakarta International, Sultan Iskandar Musa (Aceh – only for Haj pilgrimage), Minangkabau, (West Sumatra – only for Haj pilgrimage), Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, (South Sumatra – only for Haj pilgrimage), Adisumarmo, (Solo Jawa Tengah – only for Haj pilgrimage ), Syamsuddin Noor, (South Kalimantan – only for Haj pilgrimage), Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan, (East Kalimantan – only for Haj pilgrimage).
  2. All international seaports in Indonesia
  3. Eight international border crossing points that include Aruk, West Kalimantan; Entikong, West Kalimantan; Motaain, East Nusa Tenggara; Nanga Badau, West Kalimantan; Motamasin, East Nusa Tenggara; Wini, East Nusa Tenggara; Skouw, Papua; and Sota, Papua.

Adita said the guidelines outlined in the latest memoranda would take effect on 17 July 2022.


Bali G20 Summit – Indonesia Travel Rules

G20 summit bali indonesiaIndonesia’s goal of hosting a peaceful and productive G20 Summit in November 2022 is being cast into growing doubt amidst growing international tensions fueled by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

In a runup to the November Summit, Indonesia convened a meeting of G20 member nation foreign ministers in Bali on 08 July 2022.

Disappointing to the Indonesian hosts, the Bali event saw many attendees acting in an openly recalcitrant manner, including a high dudgeon walkout in the early stages of the gathering by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, accused the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister of failing to respect the G20 Meeting of Foreign Ministers. The highly critical accusation from the EU representative was made against Lavrov after the latter walked out of a meeting of foreign ministers in the Nusa Dua.

In Nusa Dua, Lavrov finished his speech presenting the Russian perspective on Ukraine and other topics and then left the proceedings without listening to his G20 counterparts table their countries’ respective positions., reporting on the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meetings (FMM), quotes Borrell, speaking on behalf of the EU, saying: “He (Lavrov) spoke and then left without any explanation. He didn’t listen to other Ministers’ remarks and avoided every interaction and discussion.” (Indonesia Travel Rules)

The State News Agency Antara quoted Borrell alleging that Lavrov’s behavior in Bali failed to respect the G20 meeting of foreign ministers and that he attended without any intention to seek a solution to the Russian-Ukraine conflict.

G20 summit bali indonesiaThe Russian-Ukraine conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic drew international attention to the Bali meeting of G20 foreign ministers that serves as a preliminary before the main event of the G20 Summit in November 2022. Borrell explained the Bali meeting was convened spontaneously amidst the emotional atmosphere of the life and death drama of those living in the Ukraine war zone.

Borrell also mentioned the food crisis resulting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, warning of the effects on the global food supply if the war does not end soon. “It is not only the Ukraine that will suffer,” said the EU official.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said the meeting of foreign ministers under Indonesia’s G20 presidency was a success with the attendance of all the G20 foreign ministers to discuss significant global challenges. Adding: “This is an achievement: gathering all the key players in one room for talks. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

During the Bali meeting, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had a one-on-one side-meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Meanwhile, reflecting the current state of US and Russian relations, Blinken and Lavrov made no effort to meet in Bali.

“Discussion were conducted in a very open atmosphere, and everyone accepted that they each had their position, but that fact was not of no great importance.” Retno acknowledged Larov’s abrupt departure from the meeting room, saying other foreign ministers were also coming and going from the room to undertake bi-lateral side meetings with their international counterparts.

Dian Triansyah Djani, an Indonesian career diplomat, assigned to coordinating the G20 Summit and its side meetings, told the press that no delegations walked out of the Bali meeting. Dian said if such a walkout took place, it was merely a normal part of international diplomacy. “What’s important is that (what happened) was not a walk out against Indonesia’s leadership of the G20,” added Dian. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

Continuing in the same vein, Dian insisted that the attendance of all the foreign ministers of the G20 in Bali showed international faith in Indonesia’s current presidency of the G20. Indonesia demonstrated its ability to conduct neutral meetings reflecting the country’s commitment to a foreign policy that is independent, active, and always in search of solutions to global problems.

In a separate report from, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov publicly complained after the reported Friday 08 July 2022 “walk out” at the Nusa Dua Complex. Lavrov lamented that foreign ministers attending the Bali meeting used the occasion to launch verbal attacks on Russia instead of remaining “on topic” by discussing global economic challenges. After leaving the meeting, Lavrov said he decided not to attend the main meeting and a group photograph.

A Russian news source, Russia Today, claimed that some countries had agreed to try to punish Russian because of the Ukraine conflict, using the G20 meeting in Bali to underline Russian diplomatic isolation. “It’s clear they used the G20 for a manufactured purpose,” said Lavrov. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

Lavrov rejected moves to depict Russia as aggressors, invaders, or occupiers. He also claimed that Western Nations were sending mixed signals, with some countries calling for a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict while other nations are urging Ukraine to fight.

Continuing, and quoted by The Guardian, Lavrov said: “If the west doesn’t want talks to take place but wishes for Ukraine to defeat Russia on the battlefield – because both views have been expressed – then perhaps there is nothing to talk about with the west.”


End Bali Romance?

indonesia marriage rulesIndonesian culture has an almost overwhelming desire to see every single adult married. Accordingly, the law states that people should be married to a person of the opposite sex who shares their religious belief in a ceremony performed before a government registrar (catatan sipil) and, ideally, also by a religious-traditional celebrant. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

People unfamiliar with Indonesian culture may find it hard to understand a situation in which a toothless, 86-year-old spinster, when asked if she’s married, can only respond by saying “not yet” (“belum”). Culturally, the woman to answer by saying the equivalent of “I am NOT married” would sound so strange to local ears that all communication would come to a screaming halt.

Legal matrimony remains a central theme of Indonesian society, a fact reflected in the final draft of the current revision of the Indonesian criminal code threatening imprisonment and fines for anyone found to be cohabitating with another adult outside the bonds of marriage. If ratified, this law may have far-reaching consequences on tourism in Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

Article 416 of the draft law prohibits cohabitation and consensual sex by unmarried couples, threatening large fines and six months imprisonment for being convicted of sex outside marriage.

One mitigating stipulation of the new law states that prosecutions can only proceed against an illicit non-marital-sex offense following a complaint made by a third party. The charge can be withdrawn or nullified at any time before going to trial. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

At the current time, even before the new law goes into effect, law enforcement officials in remote regions of Bali and across the rest of the Republic show little mercy to those caught engaging in extra-marital sex. Local media reports frequently tell of unmarried couples, government officials, students, and unfaithful husbands and wives being apprehended in flagrante delicto or “in the act” of committing extra-marital sex in local hotels and villas.

It is unclear how the proposed new law against extra-marital sex will contradict Article 28 of the Indonesian Constitution, which protects individual rights and freedom. Also of concern is how this law might backfire and inflict significant damage on Bali’s recovering tourism industry. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

indonesia marriage rulesFor instance, just how the law will be applied in Bali’s large hotel and villa sector is troubling, with some insisting Bali police would close a “blind eye” as regards unmarried couples sharing rooms in Bali.

But, the “law is the law,” and many travelers might suddenly find Bali and the rest of Indonesia an unattractive destination against even the faintest possibility that a prison term and a fine could follow the next knock on your hotel room door. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

It is, of course, Indonesia’s right to establish and rigorously enforce its system of laws. However, at the same time, there would almost certainly be consequences on Indonesia’s efforts to develop international tourism resulting from the strict application of the new law.

Common-law marriage has many names and labels: de facto, cohabitation, samenliven, domestic partnership, conjugal union, and kumpul kebo.

The new Indonesian law seems to ignore trends in modern society. By whatever name, common-law partnerships or non-ceremonial marriages appear to be undergoing an upward trend globally. This includes Indonesia and Bali, where many young Indonesian couples share accommodation when traveling to major tourism areas. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

Leading source markets for foreign visitors to Bali include large segments of people in long-term unions without the benefit of formal marriage certificates. Data from The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) show that growing numbers of people live in unregistered domestic partnerships, averaging from 10% to 30% in nearly all developed countries. What’s more, the average rate of unmarried couples living in non-registered unions grows higher among older couples and those with higher levels of education.

Australia is a leading source of tourists to Bali, where OECD data shows as many as 17% of couples over age 30 cohabitate in de facto relationships. By extension, it is logical to assume that many within this segment travel on holiday to Bali and book accommodation at the Island’s hotels.

If Article 416 of the revised criminal law prohibiting cohabitation by unmarried adults is rigorously enforced in Indonesia, questions arise about the impact on Bali’s beleaguered tourism sector? Will domestic and international guests be required to present “proof of marriage” at check-in? (Indonesia Travel Rules)

Will guests unable to present an acceptable marriage license be refused service? Will supervision measures now be implemented to monitor Bali’s large wedding planning industry to ensure that the bride and groom sleep in separate rooms until formally married, as seeming required by the new law?

Will Bali law enforcement officials in the Island’s main tourist areas duplicate enforcement measures already in place elsewhere in Indonesia by conducting “surprise” raids of guest rooms to apprehend and arrest those involved in illicit conjugal relations? (Indonesia Travel Rules)

But the most important question still to be answered is what effect Article 416 KUHP will have on Bali tourism arrivals and the Island’s standing as the world’s most romantic Island?


Denpasar Hotels Struggle to Recover

bali denpasar quotes the chairman of the Denpasar branch of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI-Denpasar), Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra (“Gusde”), saying average hotel occupancy rates in Denpasar had reached 40% – with “almost all” PHRI-Denpasar members now open and operating. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

Some Denpasar hotels, however, remain closed. Gusde said some hotels remain closed because their rooms suffered damage and deteriorated during the pandemic and are yet fit to be occupied by guests. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

According to Gusde, occupancy rates at Denpasar hotels average around 40%. Despite the large number of events taking place in Bali, occupancy at Bali hotels remains between 40-50%.

Gusde said hotels in Denpasar offer discounts of between 35-40 percent.

Gusde, who manages the Griya Santrian on Sanur Beach, optimistically noted that his property is bow achieving an occupancy of 65-70%. Adding: “This is good.

Although the price is not yet normal, rates are still rising slowly with the international borders now reopened. Many hotels are not ready (to reopen). Two years (of closure), they are damaged.” (Indonesia Travel Rules)

The PHRI-Denpasar chairman said that in normal times there are around 8,000 hotel rooms in Denpasar, and the current number (of saleable rooms) is about half this number. He admitted there had been no formal confirmation or survey regarding how many hotels remain open, how many are bankrupt, or how many are under repair following a two-year pandemic crisis.

Continuing, Gusde explained: “For instance, from the 138 rooms at the Griya Santrian, 80 are not saleable. The paint on the walls has peeled, and some air conditioners are broken. We don’t have the funds to repair these items, and we must gradually accumulate the funds, and then we will repair these rooms.” (Indonesia Travel Rules)

bali denpasar hotelAustralian visitors dominate guests in the Sanur Beach area of Denpasar. Domestic travelers dominate guests in Denpasar city hotels.

Gusde explained the problems now encountered by hotels heavily dependent on domestic travelers. He said hotels serving only the domestic market enjoy either “feast or famine” – high occupancy during school, public holidays, and major events sponsored by State ministries.

When these holidays or events pass, the hotels don’t know where to look for new guests. Hotels with a mix of domestic and international guests enjoy a less “up and down” trend in occupancies. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

The PHRI-Denpasar chairman is hopeful that The Sanur Village Festival scheduled for 17-21 August will stimulate visitors and hotel occupancies in both Denpasar and Sanur. Gusde thinks the Festival may provide a 10-15% improvement in hotel occupancies based on its past success in attracting domestic and international visitors. (Indonesia Travel Rules)

In pre-pandemic times, the 5-day Sanur Village Festival managed to generate Rp. 44 billion in income, attracting 70,000 visitors to Sanur.


Bali Among Busiest Airports in June 2022

bali denpasar airportThe 15 Indonesian airports managed by PT Angkasa Pura I (API) handled 4.715 million inbound and outbound passengers traveling on 39,706 flight movements during June 2022.

As reported by, compared to one year before – June 2021, passenger traffic increased 37% while aircraft movements were up by 6%. In June 2021, a total of 3.44 million passengers on 42,324 flights were recorded by API.

The CEO of API, Faik Fahmi, noting the increase in passengers and flights, commented: “The continuing trend in passenger growth over this year is a positive sign of the recovery of the public’s faith in air travel.” (Indonesia Travel Rules)


Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport recorded the highest number of passengers and flights in June 2022 among the 15 airports managed by API.

Flights and passenger numbers at API-managed air gateways in June ranked in order of the three leading busiest airports.

Aircraft Movements (Indonesia Travel Rules)

In terms of aircraft movement, the top three airports in terms of ranking:


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