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Bali Wages 2019

Bali Wages 2019

Bali Province minimum wage for 2019

The province of Bali published a decree already in November 2018  announcing that the minimum wage on the island will increase by IDR 170,811 in 2019.

bali wages 2019

Therefore the current wage of IDR 2,127,157 raises to IDR 2,297,968 on January 1, 2019. The new minimum wage is based on what should be paid an unmarried employee who has been employed for less hen 1 year. Wages levels paid to employees with more than 1 year’s seniority should be negotiated on a bilateral basis between the employer and the employee.

Companies that are unable to pay the minimum Bali Wages 2019 set forth in the governor’s regulation can apply for special consideration or an exception from the Provincial Manpower Office