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Bali Tourism – Will Foreign Tourist Soon Pay $10 to visit Bali?

Bali Tourism – As reported by, provincial authorities are busily resurrecting plans to levy a fee from every tourist visiting the island as a means of bolstering the finances of the Bali Provincial Government.

Justifying his desire to collect a fee from all tourists, Governor Wayan Koster linked the money to a need to improve services provided to tourist visitors.  The Governor said the exact amount of the fee is still under consideration, but he estimated foreign tourist would be charged US$10 per person while domestic tourists would pay Rp. 10,000 per person. Continuing, he said: “This is all for Bali’s culture. Everybody is certain to agree.”

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Before the Governor’s plan can move ahead, implementing regulations most first be formulated and go through an approval process.

Koster said the fee might be collected through local hotels or at the airport. All fund would then be available to the Provincial Government.

Looking ahead, Koster extrapolated that 7 million foreign tourists visiting Bali each year would generate more than Rp. 1 trillion at a per person rate of US$10.

Bali Tourism. Meanwhile, some observers suggest the provincial government should first focus on a more efficient means of collecting current Hotel and Restaurant Tax thought from many sources to be under collected by at least 50%.