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Bali Real Estate News

International travelers barred from carrying more than Rp. 100 million in cash

The Government of Indonesia continues efforts to prevent or deter money laundering practices and the funding of illicit and terrorist activities.As reported by, one of these precautionary measures is a legal limitation on the amount of cash money that can be carried by air passengers. Passengers in possession of cash instruments worth in excess of Rp. 100 million are obliged to declare this fact in advance to custom authorities.

Bali Real Estate News

The head of the sub-directorate for communications and publications from the Director General of Customs, Deni Surjantoro, explained that the Custom’s office is the sole agency entrusted to supervise the movement of large amounts of cash exceeding Rp. 100 million.
As a means to safeguard exchange rates, supervise the movement of cash and prevent the circulation of counterfeit money international travelers wishing to carry more than Rp. 100 million must apply for written permission to do so in advance from Bank Indonesia.

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