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Bali Real Estate News – Mt Agung Volcanic Status

Bali Real Estate News

Mt Agung Volcanic Status Now at the Highest Alert Level reports the Center for Volcanoes and Mitigation of Geological Disasters (PVMBG)has increased the alert status for Bali’s Mount Agung to Level IV (“Awas”) – the highest alert level issued when experts feel there is imminent danger of an explosion.

The increase in the alert warning level from Level III – (“Siaga”) to Level IV- (“Awas”) was announced by the Government at 10:30 pm WITA (Bali Time) on Friday, September 22, 2017.

bali real estate news

In announcing the heightened alert level, the head of PVMBG, Kasbaniz, said, “Looking at the latest developments, the volcanic tremor activity is high enough to raise the alert level from ‘3’ – siaga to ‘4’ – awas.”

The new high alert status means the “no-go” zone for human activity surrounding the mountain peak has been increased to 9 kilometers, with that distance extended to 12 kilometers in areas to the mountain’s north, southeast and southwest. “These areas must be empty and free of any activities,” Kasbaniz added.

The PVMBG head said the pocket of volcanic magma is at a depth of 5 kilometers with a steady movement of the hot liquids to the surface that is accompanied by continual tremors. However, until Friday night, there were no signs of clouds of volcanic ash emanating from the mountain.

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