Bali News – Plans for Float Plane Service to Bali’s North Shore Unable to Get Jakarta’s Approval

Despite continuing efforts by several investors and tacit support from officials in North Bali, the establishment of a seaplane service connecting South Bali with Menjangan Island area in North Bali have thus far come to naught. reports that studies undertaken by aviation operators have confirmed the operational and marketing viability of a seaplane service landing in a semi-sheltered bay in the Gerokgak District of the Buleleng Regency

Bali News
Bali News – Several years ago plans to operate a regular seaplane service to the bay failed when the operator was unable to obtain the needed operational permits. The Head of Tourism for the Buleleng Regency, Ir. Nyoman Sutrisna, confirmed to the press on Thursday, January 18, 2018, that the needed approval of a seaplane operating into North Bali remains at a bureaucratic impasse. Sutrisna added that a number of studies show such a flight operation could be operated both safely and profitably.

Bali News – The Tourism Chief for Buleleng said he was personally confident that a seaplane service would help to diversify the income of tourism in the area.  And, while the government in North Bali has given moral support to the proposed seaplane flights, the central government in Jakarta has not given the needed nod of approval for the proposed aviation project. The reasons behind the inability to secure operating approvals from Jakarta bureaucrats remains unclear.