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Bali News – Air Asia Threatens Fines and Prison Time for Passengers

Bali News – Air Asia Threatens Fines and Prison Time for Passengers Caught Bringing Pork Products on Flights to Malaysia

Air Asia is forbidding passengers flying to any Malaysia destination from bringing food containing pork or any other pork food products on board their aircraft. As reported by, the prohibition took effects from February 12, 2019.
In a statement published on and confirmed via a call to the AirAsia call centre, the prohibition is attributed not to the airline but to the Government of Malaysia. In order to comply with Malaysian law, any pork products found on board their aircraft or in the possession of any Malaysian-bound passenger will be disposed of in specially prepared waste bins in Malaysia.

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Bali News – Passengers carrying pork will see these items confiscated and may still be subject to a fine of 100,000 Malaysian ringgit or a 6-month term of imprisonment, or a combination of the a fine and imprisonment.
Didi, a travel agent employed by Lila Travel in Bali, confirmed receiving a circular memo from AirAsia advising of the pork prohibition. He was unable, however, to confirm if the prohibition applied to all flights destined for Malaysia or only applied to Air Asia. To date, only Air Asia has issued a warning about the carriage of pork on Malaysian-bound flights.