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Bali Airport Handled 1 Mn Paxs in May

bali informationIn May 2022, Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport handled more than one million domestic and international passengers – a new record number in the post-covid era.

As reported by, PT Angkasa Pura I, the State-owned company that manages Bali’s Airport, has noted that in the month calculated from 01 until 31 May 2022, a total of 1,006,662 passengers arrived and departed from the Island’s air gateway.

Bali Information – Broken down further, they recorded 770,007 domestic air passengers, of which 377,134 arrived and 392,873 departed. Meanwhile, in May, 109,118 international air passengers comprised of 236,655 arrivals and 127,537 departing passengers.

These numbers equate to an average of more than 24,000 daily domestic passengers and more than 7,000 daily international passengers.

The increase in passenger flows is happening with a concomitant increase in flight movements at Bali’s Airport. Angkasa Pura I reports 6,988 actual flight movements in May. 5,783 domestic flights (2,890 arriving planes and 2,893 planes departing) and 1,215 international flights (611 arriving planes and 604 planes departing).

Bali Information – Averaged out, 186 domestic flights arrived or departed each day in May. Domestically, an average of 39 domestic flights arrived or departed Bali every day in May.

Based on the figures in hand, Bali’s airport experienced a nearly 50% increase in traffic in May compared to the previous month of April 2022.

In the pre-pandemic period of 2018, some 24 million passengers passed through Bali’s Airport. In 2021, only 3.7 million passengers used the Island’s airport.


Bali Leading in Online Travel Trends

bali travel informationBali retains its charm as a favorite tourism destination.

Following the relaxation of COVID-related travel restrictions in early 2022, Bali is once again proving itself a favorite holiday spot for both domestic and international travelers.

As reported by, John Safenson, the Commercial Vice-President of the online travel agent Traveloka, the upward trend in Bali travel inquiries, and online bookings became evident in April-May 2022.

Bali Information. During a press conference held at Arthotel Thamrin in Jakarta on Monday, 30 May 2022, Safenson said: “So far, based on our data, the increase in bookings for flights to Bali has undergone a very significant growth, which is seven times that of Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia.”

Safenson, who is based in Bali, says he sees many foreign tourists strolling, sunbathing, and riding motorcycles while enjoying the beauty of Bali. Looking at 2022 travel trends, he explained that Bali has long been a popular travel destination before the COVID-19 pandemic and in the post-pandemic era.

Traveloka reports that other Indonesian travel destinations are also proving popular with users of the online travel application, including Medan, Malang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and other major cities in the Republic. Safenson said that Traveloka is used for leisure travel, family trips, friendship journeys (silaturahmi), and other reasons that were temporarily postponed during the pandemic.

Bali Information – Meanwhile, the Chief Marketing Officer of Traveloka, Shirley Lesmana, said that travel trends are evolving. “In 2022, popular travel trending activities include staycations, road trips, flights for weekend getaways, healing trips to Bali or Yogyakarta, and the use of travel insurance,” said Lesmana. She describes the post-pandemic impact on travel trends reflected in the current preference for activities in open areas instead of the past tendency to opt for shopping trips. Modern travelers, aware of health risks, are now frequently purchasing travel insurance.


Sukawati Traditional Art Market Reborn

bali art marketThe Sukawati Traditional Art Market in Bali’s Regency of Gianyar has been transformed with the completion of Block C at the market complex.

The completion of Block C at the Sukawati Market complements Block A and Block B, which opened in 2020.

Quoted by BaliPost.comThe Minister for Public Works and Housing Basuki Hadimuljono said rebuilding the Sukawati Traditional Art Market prioritized the local architecture of Bali because the complex operates not only as an economic center but also as a tourism destination for the Regency of Gianyar.

The Sukawati Traditional Art Market stands on the main tourism thoroughfare from South Bali to Ubud and Kintamani.

Bali Information – “The underlying concept of the market’s revitalization has been done to comply with its function as a tourism destination. In keeping with the environmental concerns and local traditions, details starting from the planning of the market through its actual construction honor the principles of creating an environmentally green building,” said Basuki in a press statement made on Sunday, 08 May 2022. Bali Information.

Block C

Block C of the Sukawati Traditional Art Market is four stories high, including a basement, covering some 10,206.95 square meters of space. The Block C market is home to 529 stands, 64 kiosks, and parking for 279 two-wheeled vehicles. The building was constructed to allow use by disabled workers and visitors. The shopping complex also features public toilets, lifts, nursing rooms, a health center, and a children’s play area.

Block C of the Sukawati Traditional Art Market began construction on 13 November 2020 and was completed on 20 December 2021 at the cost of Rp. 87.3 billion. PT Adhi Persada Gedung constructed the building with construction management by PT Bina Karya.

The official handover of Block C by the Ministry of Public Works to the Gianyar Regency was done in February 2022. The Director of Strategic Infrastructure for the Director-General of Cipta Karya, Essy Asiah, said she hopes that the management of the Sukawati Market will be done professionally. “This market is an icon of Bali tourism; we hope it can be managed well.”

Bali Information – The Governor of Bali said that in terms of its physical construction, the Sukawati Market is outstanding, with good lighting and excellent air circulation making air conditioning unnecessary. “I want the traders working her to sell products made in Bali, shirts made in Bali, Balinese sarongs, and bags made in Bali. All that is sold here should drive the economy of Bali,” said Governor Koster.

Earlier, Block A, standing four stories and covering 9,493 square meters of space, and Block B, with three floors is home to 31 kiosks and 779 market stalls.

Bali Information – All three sections – Block A, B, and C, include integrated parking spaces.


World Business to Attend G20 Side Event

bali G20 informationLeading global business figures are expected in Bali in November 2022 to attend a B20 – a sideline event during the G20 Summit of world leaders scheduled to take place on the Island.

As reported by, Shinta Widjaja Kamdani, deputy chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) and the chair of KADIN’s delegation at the G20, confirmed that many leading business figures will be on hand for the Bali B20 (Business 20) Summit. Business figures expected to travel to Bali include Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa and the founder of SpaceX, who has announced he will be traveling to Bali for the economic business summit set to be held in conjunction with the G20 event.

“I want to share information about those who will attend the B20 (Business 20). Recently Elon Musk from the United States has agreed to join us for the B20,” said Shinta at a virtual B20 Business and Investment Forum on Tuesday, 24 May 2022.

Bali Information – In addition to Elon Musk, the founder of Microsoft and one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Bill Gates has said he will attend the B20 Summit in Bali in November.

Shinta Widjaja Kamdani said many leading business figures had been invited to come to Bali for the B20, despite the many challenges, including the current heated geopolitical climate. Those coming to B20 will be attending to discuss the current business outlook and create a comprehensive working business environment for the future.

“We desire to attract as many global business leaders to Bali as possible. Whatever the current conflicts happening on a political level, business will continue, and they (global business leaders) are committed to come to Bali in November,” said Shinta. Shinta added that businesses from 40 countries representing 15 industries would join the summit festivities in Bali.

Bali Information – More than 2,000 people have registered to attend the B20 in parallel with the G20 Summit attended by the world’s leaders. Mirroring the themes adopted by G20, the private-sector B20 event has adopted three main themes: global health, digital transformation, and transitioning green energy.

Another business aspect likely to be discussed at the private sector B20 is how to empower small, micro, and medium-sized entrepreneurs to facilitate their growth.

Also slated for discussion is empowering small and medium-sized female entrepreneurs through digitalization, capabilities, funding, technological support, policy making, and knowledge.

Shinta said that a business model would be discussed for forming partnerships with the government and corporate bodies to create vaccine production hubs to overcome future pandemics.

Article: Bali Information June 2022

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