Bali aims to reopen the island by end July

Bali aims to reopen

The challenging days are sun setting. With the Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno taking extra care to Bali as still the centre point of the tourism industry here in Indonesia, and South East Asia, the counteractive measure has and will be taken, prioritize, first hand. Also taking into high considerations that the government of Bali Province are already on the brink of bankruptcy at this time.

However, there is a slice of hope, according to Sandiago Uno, the Indonesian government is in talks with different countries, like China, South Korea and Singapore, for potential travel bubbles to allow travelers to visit the island.

Vaccines are the steps after the very good CHSE protocol training and certifications have been landed in the industry last year. Crucial to Indonesia’s plan is rolling out the vaccine in Bali and other tourism site like Bintan and Batam and inoculate a large portion of the population.

However, one of the roadblocks of this plan  is the shortage of  vaccines worldwide, Same with many countries, Indonesia prioritized shots for the elderly  and front-line workers in COVID-19 hotpots such as Jakarta, but a new directive of President Joko Widowo aims to include Bali in the list.

Indonesia has inoculated 10,6 Million people so far, the most in South East Asia. This has greatly helped decrease the number of infections per day by half from nearly 11.000 down to 5.000 daily.

Bali aims to reopen the island by end July – Article by Bali News