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Amazing Indonesian Style Gardens

Amazing Indonesian Style Gardens that Will Help Sell Your Home

There’s nothing like a unique decorative feature to help sell a home, and an Indonesian style garden is the perfect way to dress up your home and make it stand out to interested buyers. Work with companies like ContractorsToday  to help get together all the professionals to make some of the below features possible, and you’ll have a beautiful garden that stands out above the rest.

Straw Top Gazebo

Give your garden an enchanting look with a beautiful straw top gazebo supported by four large black bamboo columns. You’ll enjoy a unique look, functional shade and a beautiful centerpiece for your garden. The gazebo goes remarkably well alongside a pool, and is accented nicely by stepping stones, or dark paves.

Black Bamboo Border

Border features in your garden using black bamboo as a beautiful divider. It grows quickly and easily in most climates and creates a stylish border that can help separate features or offer a bit of privacy to a pool or sunbathing area.


Post Lanterns

Line your garden pathways with Balinese style post lanterns that take LED lights for convenience and an authentic look that provides beneficial light to your garden. You can even use the lanterns to hang baskets of flowers and other plants along your walkway.

Crushed Rock and Paved Pathway

Another signature look that Indonesian gardens are known for is a crushed rock pathway that’s dotted with paves floating in a sea of crushed of rock. It’s stylish and creates a nice wide walking path with a cool border. Hold the rocks in using additional paves on the outside for additional style points, or go with wood borders for simplicity.

Decorate with Indonesian Statues

Place a couple large or small Indonesian statues around your garden to give it an exotic theme and to help set the mood for the rest of your landscaping.


A Lush Plantscape

Fill your garden with lush plants that infuse color and lots of greenery into the space. This is the signature look of an Indonesian garden and will give your home a more authentic look. Just prepare for plenty of trimming to keep everything looking nice and neat.

Massive Potted Plants

Add special features around your garden with huge pots filled with large exotic plants. The large pots will serve as décor on their own, and the plants will be easier to maintain in the containers as well.

Eucalyptus Trees

The Rainbow Gum Eucalyptus tree is a beautiful example of Indonesian greenery that can infuse that tropical appearance into your home garden. Fortunately for those that live in the south, the tree will grow readily when planted properly. Add a few of these into your landscape and you’ll have an exotic look to show off.


Light up the Night

Create a truly breathtaking garden environment with a set of crystal string lights shimmering through the tree tops or set up along fencing, buildings and the taller sections of your garden. Create a shimmering environment that will be enjoyable to relax in at night, and accent the string lights with table lights and lanterns for a truly breathtaking look.

It takes time and real planning to achieve a lush Balinese garden, but with a bit of hard work and the right professional help, you’ll have a finished product that you can be proud of. Get in touch with a contractor today and work out the details of your new garden.


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