December 2018

North Bali Airport Project

North Bali Airport Project Bali Governor Koster insists North Bali airport to move ahead even without location permit from Jakarta Bali’s newly elected Governor I Wayan Koster has confirmed plans will go ahead to build a new international North Bali…

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Retiring in Bali

Retiring in Bali …is for many “seniors” a dream – and you know what? It’s not such a big deal to do the final step to your retirement on a beautiful island. Watch this video about people who choose to…

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Bali Wages 2019

Bali Wages 2019 Bali Province minimum wage for 2019 The province of Bali published a decree already in November 2018  announcing that the minimum wage on the island will increase by IDR 170,811 in 2019. Therefore the current wage of…

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Bali Real Estate – Bali’s Zoning Laws

Bali Real Estate – Bali’s Zoning Laws Bali’s zoning laws are in the process of being revised. One of the sections set for rewriting in Perda No. 16 – RTRWP Bali is section 122 on zones designated as special tourism zones (KSPD/KDTWK). Bali Real…

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Bali Tourism

Bali Tourism – Will Foreign Tourist Soon Pay $10 to visit Bali? Bali Tourism – As reported by, provincial authorities are busily resurrecting plans to levy a fee from every tourist visiting the island as a means of bolstering the finances…

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